5 Types of Bucket Seats Explained

Bucket seats not only look good in a car, they’re also the most comfortable way to sit while you drive. Although they’re often associated with sports cars, you find bucket seats, of different types, in all kinds of vehicles. There are, in fact, several different types of bucket seats, some for one person, some for two people.

Individual Bucket Seats

Individual buckets seats are the type you’ll most commonly see. If they’re in a sports car, they’ll usually be in leather, for a luxurious accent. The great advantage of the bucket seat is that the driver can sink more deeply into it. Some will be all-encompassing, with the headrest as part of the seat, while others will have the headrest separate.

As the seat wraps around the driver more, it’s easy to feel in greater control, and the extra comfort of bucket seats is advantageous with the harder suspension of sport cars.

45/45 Bucket Seats

These are bucket seats designed for two people. In this instance the emphasis is on comfort and style, rather than aiding the driver. The 45/45 means that the bucket seats are designed to give equal room to both the driver and the passenger. These will work when there’s no console or transmission hump running down the middle of the vehicle.

They do make the ride a great deal more comfortable than traditional seating, as the rider sits a little lower and is wrapped in the seat. Of the dual bucket seats, this style is the most common.

60/40 Bucket Seats

This is a variant on the dual bucket seat, but one which gives more room to the driver than to the passenger. Although very comfortable for the driver, it’s not so pleasant for the passenger, who’s more cramped. From an aesthetic point of view, the 60/40 bucket seats don’t look right, since they’re not balanced and off center, which makes them seem awkward. This style isn’t seen that often, and is almost always an aftermarket addition to the vehicle.

40/60 Bucket Seats

This is the reverse of the 60/40 bucket seat, but this time it’s the driver who has less room. That allows the passenger to stretch out and relax, but leave the driver cramped, which defeats the original aim of the bucket seat. When cramped, the driver is less comfortable, and not in control to the same degree, making the car less safe. Again, this type of bucket seat will be added after the car is owned, and the 40/60 bucket seat is rarely seen.

Captain’s Chair

The captain’s chair is a variation on the bucket seat that’s found in campers and RVs. As the name implies, it’s based on the seats for captains of ships, is comfortable and comes with armrests; it's a mix of armchair and bucket seat as the position is more upright that most bucket seats. A captain’s chair will swivel. This means that, when parked, the driver can sit in the chair and face others passengers sitting in the rear of the vehicle.