5 Types of Curtain Rods to Choose From

With so many curtain rods to choose from in the market today, making a choice can be a baffling experience to any new homeowner or novice home decorator. Since it is important to choose the perfect curtain rod that will complement the overall look of the home and give you the best function possible, you must acquaint yourself with the different types of curtain rods so you will be able to make an informed decision. Here are some of those that you should check out and study about.

1. Spring rods

The most popular curtain rod today would is the spring rods. Also called the spring tension rods, these rods are the easiest to install among all the other types. The convenience it brings to people is the foremost reason for its wide popularity. Installing this particular type of curtain rod does not require the use of any hardware. These rods are capable of holding themselves up. This is possible through the springs that push the ends of the rods outward to mount directly to the windowsill or molding. When buying curtains for this rod, see to it that the fabric is not too heavy. Since spring rods only rely on pressure and nothing else for holding on to the surface, they may not be able to hold onto curtains that are too heavy or bulky.

2. Magnetic rods

If you’re looking for something more decorative and yet still easy to install, use magnetic rods. Like the first type of rod, this can also hold itself in place. But instead of using spring, it utilizes magnet. The only downside to this is the cost, as it is more expensive than spring rods. Not to mention, you will need to shell out extra money to have metal windowsills installed. Otherwise, this rod won’t work.

3. Sash-rods

One type of curtain rod to consider is the sash-rods. They are thin and decorative. They are designed to be places just slightly above the window so that the curtain would hang slightly up to the bottom. If you are going to buy this choice, you need to purchase curtains that are longer than the windows.

4. Café sash-rods

Café sash-rods are just like the previous sash-rods mentioned. They are also intended for use for curtains that are longer than the actual window. The only differences they have from the traditional sash-rods are that these ones are larger in circumference and that they are designed to stick slightly out from the wall instead of lying flat against the surface.

5. Crystal clear rods

There is nothing special about the crystal clear rods except their transparent color. Because of this, the rod is not visible from a far distance. Because of that, these rods are great for homeowners who do not wish to use curtain valances to conceal the rod. Crystal clear rods can be spring tension, sash-rods, or any other type.