5 Types of Custom Chimney Caps Explained

Different custom  chimney caps will be explained in this article. It will help you be more familiar with them and maybe assist you in making a decision about the type you need for your use. 

The first thing when looking at chimney caps is that you need to know the size and kind of chimney you have. For example: You need to know if your chimney is round, square, or oblong. Is it metal or masonry? Is it a single flue or multi-flue? Do you want it to just keep out animals, or have a vent and spark cap for a fireplace as well ?

Chimney caps are made of mostly stainless steel materials to prevent rusting in weather and longer wear. They are attached with a crew base that attaches to the liner on the chimney. Some are made from galvanized steel that is painted for longer wear and rustproofing.

Type 1 - Animal Screens

Animal screens are attached to some chimney caps to prevent small animals like birds or squirrels from nesting in your chimneys during inactivity. Spark screens are specially made to arrest or prevent sparks from leaping out of the chimney and causing problems. You are able to get animal screens and spark screens on the same unit.

Type 2 - Roof Vent Covers

Roof vent covers are another type of cap that is used around the roof to keep birds from nesting in them. You cover the vent in a wire mesh that is either corrugated or stainless steel to prevent rusting. Round chimney caps are made of expandable metal design with slotted holes for the screws to attach and fit the liners on the chimney. 

Type 3 - Steel Chimney Caps  

Steel chimney caps are made of rugged stainless steel with a covered top and braces on the bottom to attach to the liners of the chimney.  These do not contain the wire for spark arrest or animal controlling. There are caps made for wind problems with a built-in turbine to prevent back draft and back puffing problems that are wind related.

Type 4 - Chimney Pots

Chimney pots are not only more attractive, but will help keep the heat in and cold out. They are an all-in-one unit with no need for anything extra. They keep out the animals and are a spark arrestor. They are mostly made of copper and are more expensive that the regular steel chimney caps. A chimney damper that will fit over top of the chimney and keep out cold air.

Type 5 - Flue Stretchers and Fan Caps

This unit actually makes the flue longer, giving you more of a draft and protection against the downdrafts. Fan caps are used as chimney caps to pull the smoke out of the chimney. They have a built-in motor and bird screen. They will help prevent any smoking fireplaces or stoves.  They are air cooled and so require no maintenance.

Now you have the information you need to make a decision on what kind of chimney cover best suits your needs.