5 Types of Garden Hose Fittings

When it comes to hooking up your garden hose, you may need different garden hose fittings for the job that you are doing or because of the hook up that you have. For example, perhaps you are looking to just stand outside and water your garden or you are in the need to hook up a sprinkler system in your yard for constant water. With all of the different options that you have when it comes to using your hose, the fittings are going to go with whatever your needs are. Shop around for the different ones that you can get and compare the prices that you find so you know that you are getting the best price on the fitting you are going to need.

1. Dual Hose Fitting: A dual hose fitting can be great for your lawn. It comes with shut off knobs so that you can regulate the amount of water for each side.

2. Single Connector Fitting: A single connector fitting can come with or without a shut off knob. This is perfect for when you need to connect two hoses together for length. 

3. Angle Connector: Perhaps you need to hook up your hose on a slant. This can be done by using an angle connector so that your water will run freely.

4. Quick Connect: Maybe you need to hook your hose up to the inside of your house to the sink because you do not have an outside faucet. If this is the case, you can purchase a quick connect to make the job easier. You also have to keep in mind where you are hooking up your hose. You may need a male and female quick connect piece or perhaps one with two male ends will work for you. 

5. Sprayer: On occasion, things may seem to get some wear and tear. If this happens and your water seems to be leaking, you may just need to replace the rubber hose washer and things will be good as new. Of course, if you are going to be watering your lawn, washing your car or just giving your plants a nice drink of water, you are going to need a sprayer in order to get the job done. There are several different types that you can get but you can always get one that has different sprayer options so that you can be prepared for whatever job you are trying to get done.

Extra Tip

You will need to make a choice on many of the fittings to get either brass, plastic or steel. It is more or less your preference on the type that you want to purchase. Things that you want to take into consideration are how often you are going to be using the fitting, whether or not you will be leaving it in the place where you have it hooked up and the ease of being able to remove it and put it back on. By taking all of these things into consideration, it will help you to make a proper and clear decision on the type that you want to get.