5 Types Of Garden Sprayers

When it comes to eliminating weeds from your lawn or garden, garden sprayers offer the best method currently available. They allow you to control the method of delivery, level of spray, and even the distance at which you can deliver weed killing chemicals to your lawn or garden.

There are multiple types of sprayers out there that can be used. A liquid sprayer can come in several varieties, as there are many types of weed killing liquids out there. Sprayer calibration is also important, as you want a fine spray in some areas while a more coarse, drenching spray in areas where there are a lot of weeds.

Liquid Sprayers

This is the most common type of weed garden sprayer, and it can come in many varieties. Often this is a tank you carry around with a long hose and wand that is used for the delivery of chemicals to the weeded area. The sprayer wand allows for proper calibration to deliver a fine spray or a coarse spray. You want to use a coarse spray in an area that needs drenching coverage, so this is far large areas of weeds. A fine spray is best used in an area where more control is needed, such as in a garden.

Air Sprayers

This type of sprayer is more of an air sprayer, and it does not use liquid chemicals. Instead, it uses a very fine powder. This type of sprayer is often used on delicate garden areas such as with blooming flowers and other plants.

Gasoline Powered Sprayers

This type of sprayer is not for the amateur gardener, as it boosts a lot of power from a gasoline powered engine. This type of sprayer is used over large areas where coverage is more important than fine control. They a e still portable, but they are often used to cover entire yards because they can do the job much faster than your average handheld sprayer. Safety can also be an issue here. Without the fine control of a hand held sprayer you will need to watch out for pets, as they can easily be affected by large swaths of weedkiller spread over your yard.

Compression Tank Sprayers

These are very similar to liquid sprayers, but they work on a compression tank system. They often com with a hand operated pump that build compression in the tank and allows for a continuous stream to be sprayed from the applicator wand. The wand has a simple handle that turns the spray on our off. Since this is a compression method, the stream from the wand gets weaker as compression decreases, so it does not remain constant without more pumping.

Back Pack Sprayers

This final type of sprayer is very similar to a compression sprayer except it fits over your shoulders like a backpack for ease in carrying. This frees up both of your hands to allow you into areas where you need to have fine control with the spray.