5 Types of Handicap Shower Accessories

Handicap shower accessories make life more comfortable and pleasant. Since a regular shower won't work, you have to buy and install what you need to make the process of getting into the shower, bathing and exiting the shower safe. Here are five handicap shower accessories worth purchasing.

Handshower and Hose

Those with physical disabilities may not be able to stand up in a shower, either at all or for a long enough time. A handshower with a long hose is necessary for them to control the water as they shower. Standard shower hoses aren't long enough to reach if you're sitting down.

Grab Bars

To solve the issue of entering and exiting showers safely, install grab bars. You can find bars in many finishes, such as knurled or smooth. The type of finish you choose depends on your preference. All are safe to use. As the name suggests, you can grab the bars to lift yourself up. Or you hold onto them to prevent slips and falls. You can also find grab bars that fold up after use.

Barrier-Free Shower Doors

One of the great benefits of using barrier-free shower doors is that they direct water back into the tub, instead of spilling on the floor. This is a huge safety benefit, because the excess water won't be on the floor for someone to slip and fall.

The way the doors open also makes it easier for someone with a wheelchair to enter and exit the shower. A regular shower door can be too restrictive.

Bathroom Seats

Water can't damage bathroom seats, which are also mold- and mildew-resistant. The bathroom seat is one of the more popular handicap shower accessories. It allows someone to sit down and take a shower. Many seats fold up for easy storage, so that non-disabled persons in the home can use the shower.

Shower & Commode Chair

You can take care of both your toilet and shower needs with one shower and commode chair. These have wheels for you to roll right into the shower. While in there, you won't have to worry about jumping out of the shower quickly to use the toilet. The commode is attached to the chair for you to go to the bathroom while you take your shower. Find one with a foot rest that folds to make it even more comfortable to use. No installation is required.

Handicap shower accessories make bathing less difficult and lengthy. The time and energy you save after installing some or all of these handicap shower accessories could be well worth the money you spend.