5 Types of Hot Water Dispensers

A water dispenser.

Making use of hot water dispensers in the home can be greatly convenient, providing a quick and easy way to obtain hot water. In many cases, they provide an ideal way to help take the pressure off the hot water heater. In knowing what types are on the market, you will be in a better position to decide which type will benefit you the most.

1. Sink Faucet

There are companies on the market that specialize in installing stand-alone faucets. These can stand alongside the standard faucets of your sink to give you quick and easy access to hot water. The faucets can be connected to the normal water supply and will heat it until the temperature is sufficiently high. With these faucets, the water will be hot enough to enable you to make a hot beverage directly from it. The temperature of the water and the material from which the faucet is made will ensure that the water is clean.

2. Water Tank

Separate water tanks can be used as hot water dispensers as they provide a convenient way to obtain hot water. These tanks can take a range of different forms, whether a boiler style receptacle or water bottle style. The latter will be the most convenient of the two as a base unit can be obtained to enable replacements to be fitted when necessary. Hot water can be dispensed at the touch of a button, which occurs at that point because the water will begin at room temperature. Other types of water tanks will constantly keep the water heated so that hot water will be dispensed when it is needed.

3. Steam Heater

If you make use of a steam heater in your bathroom, you will find that this can also be used as hot water dispensers. The steam is a by-product of the steam that is used to create heat or fill a steam room. Where the appliance already exists, it can prove convenient for hot water, depending on what the water is required for.

4. Kettle

New technology used in everyday appliances can turn them into effective hot water dispensers. There are kettles on the market that have been designed to prevent the need for a long wait while it boils. They will allow you to press a button to instantly provide as much water as you need without boiling the entire kettle. This is also a water saving device as it will allow you to get only as much water as you need without wasting any.

5. Boiler

There are a range of different boilers on the market that can be used as hot water dispensers. Updating a boiler to the latest model will make your home more energy efficient, which stems from newer boilers needing less energy to heat water. It is also possible to obtain a tankless water heater so that the main supply can be used to provide hot water.