5 Types of Kitchen Cabinet Doors Explained

When redoing a kitchen the single most confusing part can be figuring out what type of kitchen cabinet doors you need. Most people never know there are so many different types of until they start shopping. A little preparation can keep you from second-guessing yourself later.

The first step to take is looking over the kitchen and deciding what you need. Do you keep bumping your head on doors that jut out? Do you have a hard time opening the doors because they are so flush to the cabinet it’s hard to get a good grip? Then these issues should be taken into account when looking for new cabinet doors.

Type 1 - Insert or Flush Doors

Inset or flush doors which are cabinet doors that sit well within the frame of the cabinet box giving the kitchen a formal almost colonial look. The downside is in opening it. You must pull on the hand or knob, and if the wood swells, there can be trouble getting this door open.

Type 2 - Lipped

A lipped door has a groove that cuts all the way around the door on the back edge. This is even tighter a fit than the insert and has many of the same drawbacks.

Type 3 - Traditional Overlay

The Traditional Overlay is the most common type of cabinet door. It is mounted so that it rests easily against the frame. The downside of this type is that it has more of a drag or pull on the hinges wearing them out faster.

Type 4 - Full Overlay

The full overlay has the door and drawer mounted to cover the face frame. This is often used when the cabinet is frameless. Again this can overwork the hinges.

Type 5 - Tambour

A tambour cabinet door has many separate pieces that attached to a track allowing the door to slide open. The downside to this type of door is that it can get off the track and become very difficult to open or close.

Different Designs

Another difference between cabinet doors is in the designs. Most are familiar with the square which is just a raised Square in the door. Cathedral is a domed raised design and Arched has a rounded top with a square body. You will also need to decide the texture of the cabinet door as it can be rough, laminated or smoothed.

The choice of cabinet doors is a matter of what will look good in your kitchen and your own personal taste.