5 Types of Laundry Tubs

Laundry tubs are found in a laundry room but they are often used for more than laundry. A laundry tub looks much like a bigger and deeper version of a kitchen sink. The depth of the tub provides the space needed to properly soak and rinse clothing. By installing a laundry tub in a cabinet, the plumbing system for it will be hidden.

Many laundry tubs are installed not only in the laundry room, but also in the garage and the garden shed. Laundry tubs are available in a variety of styles: single and double sinks, utility sinks and mounted basins. A single sink laundry tub usually has a wide plumbing system and is installed on four legs. A double sink laundry tub has two basins, making it possible to soak items in one basin and rinse in the other.

1 - Free Standing Tubs

When considering a laundry tub, decide where it will be installed and then determine whether a free standing or wall mounted basin will work best. You will need to take into consideration whether the plumbing system is already in place near the installation location or whether you will need to have extra plumbing pipes installed as well. 

In order to choose the best laundry tub, it will be necessary to consider the amount of available space in your laundry room. Free standing tubs require less space than wall mounted laundry tubs in a laundry room but will need an amount of space on the floor. These laundry tubs can be made from a variety of materials including: fiberglass, porcelain, cast iron, stainless steel, marble and granite.

2 - Wall Mounted Tubs

Wall mounted tubs require little room space for installation but they will require some type of wall support for installation. The price range for laundry tubs is dependent upon the size of the basin and the material used to create it. Fiberglass tubs generally cost around one hundred and fifty dollars.

Stainless steel tubs range anywhere between one hundred and one thousand dollars. Stainless steel is more costly because it is more durable. There are no functional advantages to a stainless steel tub over a fiberglass one. Both are strong and will resist mold and mildew. Both are easy to clean and maintain. 

3 - Apron Tubs

Apron tubs are wall-mounted basins. They are available as both a single and double basin. The common materials used for making apron tubs include: granite, porcelain, cast iron and stainless steel.

4 -  Molded-In Tubs

Formed as a part of the counter top, molded-in tubs are easy to clean. The disadvantage is that if the sink becomes damaged, the entire counter top has to be replaced. They can be manufactured from marble, granite and fiberglass and are available as either a single basin or double basin.

5 - Self-Rimming Tubs

Self-rimming tubs are installed by dropping them into a hole in the counter top. Easy to install, these tubs are usually made of porcelain, cast iron or stainless steel.