5 Types of Lawn Aerators

Lawn aerators are essential garden and lawn tools. Mainly used for aerating the ground, lawn aerators come in various types ranging to the basic hand aerator to the more complex plug aerator. Below are 5 types of lawn aerators.

Spike Aerators

This type of law aerator features long spikes which are pushed through the soil producing small holes. The holes punched by the spike aerator give a way for the much needed air to enter deep under the soil. However, if soil compaction is a problem in your lawn it is advisable not to use this type of lawn aerator as the spikes compress the soil as it enters. These are compact aerators which can be stored easily without needing a large storage space. Furthermore, spike aerators are easy to very use. Various models of spike aerators are available with a wide price range from $10 to $500.

Aerator Shoes

Aerators shoes look like regular shoes with spiked sole. Aerators shoes are ideally worn when you are mowing or fertilizing your lawn. Like spike aerators, the spikes attached to the aerator shoes also create holes into the ground allowing air, essential nutrients and water to seep in to the soil and reach the roots of your plants. Aerator shoes are ideal for those who want a cheap and effective way to aerate a lawn. For only $20 you can purchase aerator shoes at your local garden center. However, like spike aerators, aerator shoes are not advisable if your lawn or garden is having compaction problems.

Plug Aerators

For the avid gardener, having a plug aerator is a must. Plug aerators has hollow tines which are plunged into the ground, removing soil plugs. Plug aerators are effective lawn aerators as it allows direct contact with the soil and the surface air without contributing to soil compaction. In fact, plug aerators prevent the soil from compaction. There is only one setback with this type of lawn aerator—you cannot use it if your lawn has a hard ground since the tines will be damaged if forced into hard ground. However, this can be solved by soaking the ground with water using a garden hose a day before planning to aerate your lawn.

Hand Aerators

Hand aerators are perfect for small garden owners. It resembles a small rake which loosens the soil ,allowing the soil to give adequate air and water access to the roots of the plants. Although quite effective, using a hand aerator can be tiring as you need to exert enough force to allow the hand aerator to dig into the ground.

Rolling Aerators

Rolling aerators are perfect for those who need regular lawn aeration, especially when the lawn is large. This type of lawn aerator looks like a hand lawnmower except that it has spiked wheels attached. All you need to do to aerate your lawn using the rolling aerator is push and allow the spike wheels to traverse your working area. The spike wheels punch holes into the ground allowing essential nutrients, water and air into the subsoil and into the roots of the plants. Rolling aerators are efficient lawn aerators which are easy to use and require minimum maintenance.