5 Types of Pull Down Faucets to Consider 5 Types of Pull Down Faucets to Consider

The modern kitchen needs hardworking, practical pull down faucets for a variety of tasks. Consider below the 5 various types of pull down faucets described so you can choose the one that is most comfortable and functional for your kitchen.

1 - Gooseneck Faucet with Pull-Down Sprayer

For most kitchens this is the most effective combination. A tall gooseneck faucet allows for large pots to be slipped under the faucet to be filled with water. The pull-down sprayer option makes rinsing of large dirty casseroles and other pots quick and easy. Variable water pressure settings allow for raindrop type spray, aerated spray or full-force water streaming.

2 - Gooseneck Articulated Sprayer

This type of pull down faucet allows you to position and keep the sprayer faucet in a set position, freeing both your hands to perform the cleaning or rinsing task. When finished, bend the articulated hose back to its rest position and shut off the water.

3 - Side Sprayer Pull-Down Faucet

When the sprayer function will be used more often in one sink of a double sink configuration than the other side, a side sprayer pull-down faucet makes the most sense. The small nozzle of a side sprayer is easy to grasp, hold and control to ensure water goes only where you need it. This type of sprayer is excellent for washing and rinsing vegetables before preparation and cooking.

4 - Variable Pressure Bulb Pull-Down Faucet

Most commonly mounted on a single-handle tap, the variable pressure bulb-shaped pull down faucet allows for water flow to expand slightly as it comes through the bulb. The bulb will often have a button mounted on it to change the water flow from full-stream to aerated droplets. This is a most convenient pull down faucet as all of its functions; pulling down, adjusting flow and directing the water stream, can be done with one hand.

5 - Separate Flow Faucets

To provide preheated hot water for cooking or heating a teapot, a separate flow faucet can be installed in your countertop. It is not strictly a pull down faucet, you need only press a small lever on one side to enable the water flow.

Other Factors to Consider

Choose your type of faucet before you install your kitchen countertop. Most countertops come with a standard number of holes cut for faucet installation. With the gooseneck faucet, you will need 3 holes, one for the spigot and 2 for the taps. With the single handle tap and its pull down mounted in the faucet itself, you will only require 1 countertop hole. For a side sprayer or separate flow faucet, you will need an extra hole on 1 side for the separate unit.

Metal Finish

Most pull down faucets are finished in the same metal surfacing as the rest of the faucet unit. You can choose from brass, chrome steel, brushed stainless steel or a dark brass that resembles wrought iron. Some models of side sprayer and some bulb pull-down faucets will have a plastic outer coating over metal. They are no less durable with this plastic outer coating. Choose a pull down faucet with a ridged rubber coating for secure grip.

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