5 Types of Vinyl Siding 5 Types of Vinyl Siding

Many types of vinyl siding are available if you are going to install new siding on your house. Vinyl siding is a low-maintenance siding option used in various home construction projects. Vinyl sidings come in various pre-painted colors and are manufactured out of PVC resin. Vinyl sidings are used as an alternative to the more expensive wood sidings, fiber cement and aluminum sidings. There are various types of vinyl sidings that you can purchase at your local home improvement depot such as board and batten vinyl siding, seamless vinyl siding, solid core vinyl siding, vinyl log siding and liquid vinyl siding. Vinyl sidings are often used as an exterior coating of a house providing ample protection from outside elements such as snow, rain, severe heat and cold weather. Below are the types of vinyl siding.

1. Seamless Vinyl Siding

Seamless vinyl siding are pre-ordered vinyl siding that are fire resistant. It is also an excellent vinyl siding option to those who live in an area with lots of insects since the seamless feature of this type of siding prevents insects from entering your house through the gaps commonly found on other types of vinyl siding. Seamless vinyl siding also provides adequate home insulation while protecting your house from water damage. When ordering seamless vinyl siding you need to measure the wall span that you want to work with. The measurements will then be used by the vinyl siding manufacturer as a guide in fabricating your seamless vinyl siding.

2. Board & Batten

Board and batten vinyl siding is made of 8-inch siding planks installed vertically at the exterior wall of your house. It is a cheap alternative to more expensive wood siding such as cedar. You can use board and batten vinyl siding to cover your exterior walls totally or use it only as an accent siding. Board and batten vinyl siding is cheaper than most house siding requiring minimum maintenance.

3. Solid Core

Solid core vinyl siding is a perfect option for those who live in areas with frequent hail storms since it is impact resistant. It is also easier to install compared to other type of vinyl siding.

4. Log Vinyl Siding

Log vinyl siding is an excellent choice if you want your house to look like a log cabin without having to purchase expensive logs. Log vinyl siding is also easier to install than actual logs and does not require treatments against insect infestations as well as staining.

5. Liquid Vinyl Siding

For a more efficient vinyl siding use liquid vinyl siding. Liquid vinyl siding is effective in reflecting heat away from your house which means that you spend less energy in cooling your house. It is an ideal vinyl siding option in regions with warm weather conditions. Liquid vinyl siding is also eco-friendly since it does not emit harmful chemical discharge compared to some types of house siding.

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