5 Types of Wire Cutters Explained

Each household must have a tool box. After all, you never know when you may need them. A wire cutter or plier is a must have item in your tool box. More than often, it comes handy to cut , bend or  hold thin wires used in carpentry. That's not all, these tools also come handy to cut  thin sheets of metal. There are various kinds of pliers and wire cutters easily  available in the market. The wire cutters differ from one another in terms of their lever mechanism. Here are 5 types of wire cutters: 

Linemen's Wire Cutters  

These are the most widely used wire cutters world wide. They are also known as combination wire cutters. The fact that these wire cutters have a sharp cutting edge along with  a firm surface to grip gives them the name of Combination Wire Cutters. The secret behind its universal use lies in the fact that these wire cutters have insulated handles. Carpenters and workers feel safe while using these wire cutters. They know, that thanks to these insulated handles, they would be saved from suffering from moderate shocks. 

Locking Wire Cutters

Carpenters use a lot of  locking wire cutters. As the name rightly suggests, these wire cutters have an edge over other normal ones . These cutters come with a unique feature which acts like a lock. These wire cutters or pliers have knob situated on their handle. This knob acts like a lock and can be tightened and loosened as per  requirement. This is a user friendly feature as carpenters get a better  grip of the wire or metal sheet thanks to this wire cutter lock. Locking wire cutters are generally available in 2 kinds: Needle Nose Wire cutter and Linemen's wire cutter . 

Needle Nose Wire Cutter 

A needle nosed wire cutter gets its name from the way its cutter is shaped. They have sharp edged cutters that are thin and narrow. Hence, they are used by carpenters to cut fine wires. Moreover , their slenderness makes them more usable in a cluttered space. These wire cutters also have insulated grips that can protect the carpenters from minor shocks. 

Diagonal Cutting Wire Cutters 

As the name suggests, these wire cutters have diagonal shaped edges. These are used by both carpenters as well as electricians. To ensure the safety of the worker, you get diagonal cutting wire cutters with insulated handles. 

Round Nose Wire Cutters

Not all cutters can be used to bend wires. The round nose wire cutters have round shaped edges that taper towards the point where both the edges meet. These round nose wire cutters are used by both electricians as well as carpenters. These come to use for cutting or bending wires and thin strips of metal. 

It would be wise to remember that each wire cutter has a specific use and hence it is shaped in that manner. No matter, which wire cutter you use , ensure that  has a smooth grip that is insulated  for safety.