5 Unique Coffee Table Ideas

A unique coffee table can spruce up a room, and be the genesis of great conversation. The round and heavy glass coffee table is a traditional one that many homeowners and renters dread, because they're a pain to move around and carry. They also take up too much space for the limited purpose they serve. The following coffee tables in many cases are multi-functional, and you won't mind giving up some space to accommodate the right one in your living room or family room.

1 - Ottoman Coffee Table

With an ottoman coffee table, you can put your feet up and have an area to set your books and drinks. It truly is functional, and attractive at the same time. Most are made out of wood material with fabric in a center that's cushioned for comfort. You'll be able to find one that matches just about any decor.

2 - Aquarium Coffee Table

One idea for a unique coffee table that's sure to please your children and be a focal point in the room, is one with an aquarium. You can convert a rectangular coffee table made out of glass into one. The fish tank fits in the space underneath, and rests on the floor. The tank should fit snug between the leg stands for additional safety, and to prevent your little ones and pets from getting into the tank.

3 - Wine Rack Coffee Table

A storage solution for wine can double up as your coffee table as well. You can find one made out of wood and glass for guests to view your collection. It will add a touch of class to your room, and if you're going to have a coffee table take up space, then it's worth having it be useful. Your guests will also get a kick out of you pulling a wine bottle from the table to open.

4 - Book Rack

If you'd rather not store your wine for all to see, or if you don't drink wine, try this idea for a unique coffee table: A book rack. Metal and wood racks work well, but the racks should be think enough to hang books on. Like the Ottoman coffee table, these coffee tables have one or two spaces on top of the rack to hold your coffee or other drinks. Have fun with the color options that you can choose from if you buy a book rack coffee table. It can become a key decorative piece in the room, and distract guests from eyesores elsewhere in the room.

5 - Retro Coffee Table

Even if you don't have a retro decor, a vintage table is a unique coffee table that you may enjoy having around for a conversational piece. You can find one with hidden storage drawers that's can hold pens, paper and a few other office supplies. Many are also very low to the ground, and won't take up as much space as a traditional coffee table.

Any of these unique coffee table ideas can be your next do-it-yourself project. If you'd rather not build it yourself, you can find them for sale online or at department stores.