5 Uses for a Mini Ottoman

Many people today are coming up with several different uses for furniture, and a mini ottoman is no exception. A mini ottoman is a great, versatile piece of furniture that can go in any room of the house.

A Place to Put Your Feet

Traditionally ottoman's have been used as a place to put your feet up. Situated at the end of a chair, the ottoman sits and waits for you to place your feet on it to unwind from a long day.

An Extra Chair

Seating can be difficult to find if you have a small family room and a large family. What about those times when you have company over for a special occasion and want to spend time together in one room? A mini ottoman can help offer additional seating, preventing people from sitting on the floor. Commonly the height of a chair, a cushioned ottoman makes a great extra chair.

A Coffee Table

An ottoman can be used as an extra table or coffee table for non-spillable objects like plates or platters.

A Portable Stool

Ottomans have also been known to be a big help when something is located just out of reach. While it's not a good idea to stand on your tippy toes, a mini ottoman is a great handy stool for those reachable items on the top shelf of a cabinet or closet.

A Storage Container

Mini ottomans also make handy storage containers. By opening the lid, you can place small items like newspapers, magazines, and books to get rid of clutter in your family room and to keep for future reading.