5 Uses for Solid Rivets

Solid rivets are fasteners that can be used to bond materials of various thicknesses. Solid rivets have been known to exist since the Bronze Age and their continued popularity is proof of their tamper-proof fastening ability. They are still used in a number of areas.

  1. One of the most modern uses of solid rivets is in the aircraft industry where the rivets are used to join parts of the aircraft together. They are used by the thousands and made of materials that are safe from weather damage and high impact.
  2. The simple design of the solid rivet has appealed to clothing designers over time. You can find the solid rivet in popular clothing styles using denim skirts, jackets and even pants.
  3. Locomotive industries use the solid rivet by the thousands as it is able to withstand high impact.
  4. Manufacturing industries use solid rivets while creating things like boilers, parts of ships and even traditional boats.
  5. Manufacturing industries needing fool-proof joining of parts usually use rivets. They are made with different materials to suit specific needs of the manufacturer, often immune to corrosive chemicals and moisture damage.