5 Valuable Reasons for Wind Power

Wind power is a step in the right direction regarding what many believe is an energy crisis. Wind power is cheap, reliable and clean, and there are many more reasons why wind power is valuable. Here are just a few.

Steady Income Stream

Wind power gives our local farmers and ranchers a way to earn additional income. In a time when most farmers are struggling, having wide open land for farming can generate money for those who own them. A wind farm will not harm any vegetation or livestock that may wander around. The farmers can turn around and rent the energy right back to the power companies, and this money can be sunk back in to the communities. The utility companies are happy to take a load off their power grids by replacing it with wind, and the land owner will have a substantial return each month without losing any of the land.

Clean and Reliable

Using wind power will not throw additional pollutants in to the air. Wind power is 100 percent clean and creates no toxins that end up in the water or food supplies. It won’t make people or animals sick because of spills, and it uses zero chemicals. The worst part about wind power is the farms can look a little strange while people get used to them.

Wind power is also extremely reliable. A well-maintained wind farm will have a down time of less than 1 percent. These farms can store energy, and therefore produce power even on days when you may feel no physical wind in the air.

Wind power will never increase in cost because of supply issues or due to conflicts overseas.

Job Creation

Building a wind farm will bring new jobs to an area. People will need to work to construct the farm, and there will be maintenance required on the turbines. To a struggling community, this can be a great thing. Since most wind farms are placed in rural areas, it’s a great way to bring jobs to areas that wouldn’t normally have those opportunities.

Renewable And Sustainable

Wind energy is 100 percent renewable. We will never run out of wind, and creating more energy simply means installing more turbines. There is no need with wind power to worry about harnessing energy or running out of the resources. As long as wind blows, there will be wind energy.

Freedom from Other Fuels

Wind energy can help us to move away from our dependence on foreign oil and on resources that won’t always be around. With wind energy, we don’t have to worry about importing any materials to create the power. We don’t have to worry about the political climate in other areas, and we don’t have to worry about using up a resource that will eventually become exhausted.

Overall, wind energy is a positive idea. It is not only environmentally-friendly, but it also helps local communities and benefits the nation as a whole.