5 Ways To Accent A Screen Room Divider 5 Ways To Accent A Screen Room Divider

There are many different ways that you can add flair and accents to a screen room divider. Many of the products that you can accent with can be found at a craft store or home improvement store. The only thing that limits what you can accent with is the limitations of your imagination. It is truly a way that you can let the artistic side out to play. Here are a few of the ideas that you can use to accent your project.


Accent your screen room divider with paint. It is as versatile as you are. You can use stencils to make different patterns as well as use different colors to create interest. You can paint to match the colors of your walls to mask the existence of the screen, or go bold and use it to accent your room with a color that does not match anything. Paint can be just as creative as the painter and makes a wonderful way to accent a cheap room divider as well.


A fabric room divider tends to soften the space while allowing for some privacy. You can use fabric in the same way to accent and soften a screen room divider. Use fabric with padding to try and create a sound barrier as well as a beautiful piece of furniture. Many different types of fabric are available at craft stores. Anywhere from burlap to fine silk, you can create the right look for your space.


Wall paper can be a great way to accent a screen room divider. There are many designs and textures to choose from. There are fabric wallpapers, children wallpapers and designer wallpapers that will accent any project. Use it in combination with paint to achieve a new design.

Wood and Molding

You can create great accent by using other pieces of wood or molding on a room divider. You can stack different types to create interest and draw the eye. You can use it to frame in parts that you want highlighted such as an art project or stencil design. Molding can be a wonderful way to add flair and design to your room divider.


Accenting your screen with different metal accessories can be a fun way to add dimension. Different sized washers added with screws or preformed metal decorations that you might normally hang on a wall. The ways that you use metal are limited by the weight that the screen can hold as well as the statement you wish to make. A very simple and decorative touch would be to use repetitive panels of the same design attached to each screen panel.

Whether you choose to accent your screen with paint, fabric, wallpaper, wood or metal you are going to be adding a design element to your space. Keep in mind all of the many choices that you have as well as making the space flow naturally. Keep the design simple and make sure that it accents the space it was meant for.

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