5 Ways to Hang a Hanging Plant

What You'll Need
Stud finder
Plants and container of your choice
Wall hook
Drill and hangers if not provided with container
Hanging material depending on weight of container and how high you wish to hang

A hanging plant can be hung in a pot containing flowers, plants or herbs, and is a great way to add color and depth anywhere, especially if space is a problem. Hanging pots are cheap, yet they enhance the look of the area where they are hung, be it a little corner on a balcony or a tree trunk.  

Follow these simple steps to make a hanging garden in your personal space.  

Step 1- Select Your Plant and Container Type

Hanging flower pots come in a variety of sizes, from 10 inches up to 14 inches. Your pot should be made of good quality plastic instead of ceramic, with holes all around. One point to consider is the wires or chains that will hold your hanging plant. If your pot is small in size, a twisted wire will work fine, but use at least three strands.

For larger baskets, strong chain links that are hooked firmly into the ceiling or support are preferable. Fill your hanging pots with a combination of bushy and trailing plants, but make sure they do not trail too low to the ground. Make sure your plants are compatible to the conditions where you wish to hang them.

Step 2: Hanging a Heavy Pot

Locate a stud in the wall or ceiling with the help of a stud finder and install your metal hook support in it. If your pot is considerably larger, you can suspend it by ropes or chains using a bigger and heavier hook. Screwing the metal hook in the wall may be a little tough and will require some force. Once successfully screwed in, you can test its strength by tugging it a little to see if it can come off easily.

Step 3 - Hanging a Lightweight Pot

For a lightweight pot suspended by thin wires, use a small hook.

Step 4 - Making Hooks or Hanging by Attached Hangers 

Attach hangers to your pot. Smaller pots come with attached hangers that you simply clip onto the pot. Make sure you hear the click to ensure it is securely in place. If your pots do not have attached hangers, you will need to drill three to four holes about half an inch below the rim of the pot at an equal distance. Insert the ends of the wire or rope you wish to use through the holes and secure with pliers. Twist the other ends together to form an arched hook and hang from your hook.

Step 5 - Hanging on a Wall

If you wish to hang your plant on a flat surface such as a wall, a hanging arm will have to be used. Make sure the two points that attach to the surface to keep the hanging plant steady are far enough from the wall to accommodate the size of the plant.