5 Ways To Personalize A Vinyl Pergola

A high-quality vinyl pergola is made from solid treated pine, covered with a vinyl coating. The durable material is suitable for outdoor construction. Better yet, vinyl made with ultraviolet inhibitors provides sustained whites and longer-lasting colors.

Personalizing your vinyl pergola is a way to help enhance both its appearance and function. Here are a few personalized pergola ideas you may consider.

Table and Chairs

Add a patio table and chairs to transform the area covered by your vinyl pergola into a quiet sitting area. Paint unfinished furniture to match your vinyl pergola. You might also add a hammock or hot tub under your pergola for enhanced rest and relaxation.

Adding Rafters

Although your kit will come with the necessary rafters to complete a standard vinyl pergola, it will leave you with a view open to the sky and sun. You may wish to add rafter beams to create greater shade or better framing for climbing plants. You can customize your kit by calling for a doubling or tripling of your rafter beams. This will give you extra shade as well as extra beams on which to place hanging baskets.

Installing Side-Wall Trellis or Lattice

Installing a side-wall trellis or lattice is an excellent way to provide space for vines of all types, including honeysuckle and roses. These plants create a garden-room effect. You can also adding trailing or climbing vines that act as a doorway overhang or provide shade for a sitting area.

The shape and color of the trellis or lattice work can also accent your chosen exterior décor as well. Make sure to install at least a 1/2- to 1-inch thick trellis or lattice wood pieces to support the weight of any climbing plants.

Closing at Least One End

Although your vinyl pergola kit basically produces a room without walls, you can add one or possibly two walls. You can soften the edges of your garden pergola by adding a trellis at one end.

Pre-drill all screw holes on delicate wood like trellis and lattice with small bits. This practice prevents splitting when you attach the pieces to the vinyl pergola. If you choose to finish the wood, apply an acrylic-based, non-toxic paint or finish to prevent damage to plant life.

Incorporating Flowers

In addition to climbing vines, also consider a lattice wall of colorful flowers. Flowers create a beautiful setting for gathering outdoors with friends and family. Even a partial lattice wall provides a little more privacy while still allowing necessary access.

Some perfect choices for colorful flowers on your vinyl pergola include spider flowers (cleomone spinosa), nigella, marguerite daisies, sweet alyssum, Brazilian verbena, geraniums and blue salvia. Check with your local garden center professional for exact species that thrive in your climate.