5 Ways to Prevent a Drywood Termite Infestation

You must stop a drywood termite infestation if you want to prevent damage to your home. The drywood termite lives in and digests wood, so it can make your home rot from the inside out. The insect doesn't need water to survive, and if left alone, it will stay in your wood and destroying the wood over time.

Termites live in every region that doesn't experience freezing temperatures during a typical winter season. These termites can be hard to spot because they build colonies in the wood. By the time you realize what's happening, some damage may have already occurred. You may try these five ways to prevent a drywood termite infestation.

Use Screens

You don't want king and queen drywood termites entering your home. How do you stop these small insects from coming through the vents? One way is to put screens on all vents in your home. Find a 20-grade screen mesh and cover the vents. Also put the screens on windows and doors to prevent the entry of termites.

Treat the Wood

Some woods are naturally resistant to drywood termites. If you're going to replace the wood anyway, use Spanish cedar or bald cypress. You can also treat the wood with the insecticide Timbor, which will stop drywood termites from digesting the wood. Timbor is a made of disodium octaborate tetrahydrate (sodium borate). It's highly toxic to drywood termites but low in toxicity to adults, children and pets. Finally, seal nail holes and cracks on any wood that's exposed.

Inject the Wood

You can also use a product called Dri-Out to treat the wood once. It's free of toxic chemicals and injects directly into the wood. With this product you avoid plant damage while controlling and getting rid of termites. You also don't have to move out of your house for a short period for this method, as you would with spray treatments.

Spray the Wood

It's best to hire a professional to spray the wood around your home if you choose this option. They will use a termiticide and fungicide to spray on the wood. It's made of a mineral salt and will remain there during the life of the wood.

If you hire a company for pest control, you should ask what spray products they'll use and the level of toxicity. The risk of infecting your home with toxins and affecting the health of members of your household far outweighs the benefits of getting rid of the drywood termites. You can use natural products in place of toxic chemicals.

Relocate Firewood

If you use firewood for warming or cooking, you'll need to keep it away from your home. It attracts drywood termites. Likewise, store your lumber for home improvement products elsewhere.