5 Ways To Propagate Dicentra

Dicentra plants are hardy perennials commonly referred to as "Bleeding Heart." They have ferny foliage with pink or white flowers that grow along the stem in the shape of a heart. Learning to propagate them for your own garden may be tricky, but there are a few different ways to do it

The Right Time

Because the dicentra blooms seasonally—only in the spring and summer—there is only a small window of time where propagation is optimal. Fall is the best time to think about producing more of your dicentra plants before they become dormant in winter.  

Propagation Methods

  • Divide the Plant - Just before the plants become dormant, you can use your garden shovel to carefully dig up half of the plant and plant it elsewhere with no damage and strong results.
  • Leave Room - Plant your dicentra in areas where there is plenty of room for them to grow. When given enough space, these plants will often seed on their own.  
  • Keep Seeds in Containers - Purchase seeds from your gardening store and keep them in sealed containers. Once they begin to germinate, they will be much more likely to thrive in the soil.  
  • Soak Plants - Soak new dicentra plant parts in water for a few days before planting. This will increase the likelihood that they will blossom quickly and will help with the seeding process.