5 Ways to Restore Copper Roofing

Many buildings have copper roofing that gives them a beautiful touch. Cleaning and shining copper roof has its own characteristics. Copper roofs turn greenish due to oxidation and also become black and mucky with dust and moss. The tree overhanging on them and falling leaves cause the formation of moss with on copper roofs.

Methods of Restoration

Restoration of copper roofs involves the cleaning of their surface and making them gloss and get back the unique copper color.

Here are a few simple methods used for restoration of the copper roofs. These methods mostly use the home made preparations to effectively clean your copper roof.

1. Tomato Ketchup

You can use tomato ketchup to clean the roof overnight. Only care you need to take is that there is no rain. Although, it is not the best method, still it is very effective.

Application: Once you are ready with ketchup paste, apply it with a brush evenly on the entire surface of roof.  Allow the paste to break up the muck overnight. Rinse the roof with warm soap water. Wash the roof with fresh water.

Polishing and lacquering: Dry the roof and rub it with a towel. Spray a coat of clear lacquer or polyurethane on it. You get a beautiful clean roof.

2 .Lemon Juice Scrub

You can clean the copper roof with a lemon scrub also. The recipe involves mixing 1 part of coarse salt in 3 parts of lemon juice.

Apply the mixture with a nonmetallic scrubbing brush. The mixture works as a very effective solution. Please note that you do not use the table salt. The lemon salt grit rubs of the roof. You have to apply force on the scrubber. Start at the top of roof and move downwards. When the scrubbing is over, wash and dry the roof and spray clear lacquer.

3. Vinegar Paste

Another homemade solution is vinegar paste to restore the copper roof.The recipe involves making a paste by mixing 1 part salt, 1part vinegar, and one part flour...

Apply the paste uniformly on the roof. Let it act on roof overnight. Take care that it is not raining. Wash the roof with soap and water. Rub it off with cloth and make it dry. Seal it with a coat of clear lacquer.

4. Dilute Copper Polish

Ready to use dilute copper polish is available from the hardware stores. You can follow the instructions provides with the package.

Apply the polish on a sponge mop. Rub the polish over the roof. Work in small area of 6’x6’ approximately until all the tarnish is off. Wash the roof. Dry it by rubbing with a cloth. Coat a layer of clear lacquer for protection on it.

5. Copper Sulphate Solution

Moss on the roof can be removed by using copper sulphate solution.The solution can be applied on the roof and the roof is scrubbed with a scrubber to wipe of the mold. The surface becomes clean after washing it with soap and water. Dry and spray lacquer on the surface to protect the roof.Take care to cover all the plants surrounding your home using plastic sheets.