5 Ways to Set Up Your Home Bars

More and more homeowners are thinking about adding an attractive “home bar” design to their properties, and contractors, retailers and others are offering help in designing home bars that fit a budget and a space design. There are a number of popular home bar styles that stand out in catalogs and interior design guides offered to homeowners who want a little more functionality out of a space, whether it’s the basement, a designated rec room, or any other part of a building.

1. Corner Bars

The corner bar is a perennially popular design. Vendors offer specific “L shape” or “45 degree angled” bar installations, including hardwood and other styles, that will create a useable bar space in a corner of a room. Some of these incorporate neat features like a frosted glass installation for adding lighting options to the corner bar. Having bar set up in a corner can maximize use of space and keep the installation from obstructing traffic in the room.

2. Island Bars

Another common choice is a straight bar: that stands out in the center of a room. These styles are popular partly because of their versatility; unlike some other kinds of bars, the island bar offers seating on both sides. The drawback is that, without a large interior space, service at this bar will be difficult. However, designers can deal with this by adding kegs, sinks and other installation in a nearby area, where those who are serving can approach the side of the bar rather than standing behind it.

3. Cove Bars

Some professional interior designers are suggesting that a home bar be placed in a transitional space, like the junction of two rooms. An alcove or other space can accommodate a bar that helps blend transitions by making previously empty areas into usable spaces.

4. Functional Bar Design

Some homeowners use available electrical outlets and/or water lines as a guide for designing a home bar. Situating the bar near existing infrastructure makes the project less difficult, and allows for more “real use” of the installation.

5. Appliance-Containing Bar Ideas

Where many home bars need additional space for the appliance that will help chill drinks or wash glasses, others have mini-refrigerators, portable dishwashers, or other appliances built into the design. Think about including compact spaces within the bar structure for the gear that will help add to the appeal of this home feature.

The above are just some of the designs that home-improvement enthusiasts are choosing to add home entertainment features to a property. Consider the above options for making the most of the square footage in your home and complimenting an overall interior design strategy. There’s also a variety of materials and structural designs to look at – starting with an overall budget will help property owners narrow down the designs and installations that they want for a home bar.