5 Wood Fireplace Surrounds Design Tips 5 Wood Fireplace Surrounds Design Tips

A wood fireplace surround is made up of the top, sides and mantel of a fireplace. It can be made of many different kinds of wood, including oak, cherry, pine or birch. It all depends on your personal taste and the design you want. Here are a few wood fireplace surround design tips which can help you.

1. Style Choices

Wood fireplace surround designs can be based on either standard or custom choices. You can choose a classic style, contemporary, traditional or a more modern futuristic look. Which one you choose is part of what determines the type of wood and the color and size and the actual design of the surround itself. For instance, oak is considered a good choice if you want a classic design, while pine and birch are considered rustic, and cherry is considered a more sophisticated style.

2. Traditional Designs

A traditional design style is one that incorporates a mantel placed over the fireplace hearth area. The wooden mantel part fits over the hearth area and can be formed of whatever type of wood you desire. It can be shaped like a squared off piece or it can be formed like an arch-shape. Wooden mantels can be either left natural, stained or painted with colors of your choice.

3. Corner and Cabinet Wooden Designs

One interesting and different type of design is to get a cabinet or corner wooden surround design. You can get pre-fabricated wooden surrounds that are designed as bookcases, TV holders, or cabinets you can store things in. These can be made with several varieties of wood and be made to work with gas and electric fireplaces. You can color or stain these to match the other furniture in your home, to make it blend in with your current décor.

4. Rustic Timber Designs

Perhaps you are going for a more natural and rustic design. One choice that fits this bill is using wooden timbers to build your fireplace surround. Timber wood surrounds are hand crafted and held together with oak pegs. When they are installed, it takes on a look of wooden planks laid crossways on top of your hearth. You can have these made out of the wood of your choice. Usually the wood is left unstained to maintain the rustic feel of the mantle.

5. Budget Options

Money can be a large factor in how you design your wooden fireplace surround. Some materials and woods are more expensive than others. One way to stay in your budget is to choose lower priced pre-made surrounds that you can buy straight from the retailer. As long as you measure your hearth and get the correct size, this is one way to save money and still get a nice wooden surround design. These may come in limited colors or stains, so you may need to shop around at different stores to see what they have on hand for your wood fireplace surround.

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