5 Wrought Iron Fence Designs 5 Wrought Iron Fence Designs

The importance of wrought iron railing designs come into play as they can help to set the tone for the rest of your home. They are one of the first things that visitors and even passersby will notice about your home so making use of creative designs can help you to make the best impression.


There are traditional wrought iron railing designs that you will commonly find in use on both residential and commercial premises. These railings will often comprise plain evenly spaced posts, which are known as spires or vertical members, to create a straightforward design that is suited to a number of different heights. The spires can be formed into a number of different shapes, such as rectangular or cylindrical. Horizontal members are lengths of iron that run parallel to the ground to connect the spires to one another; they can be placed at any point along the length of the spire.


Regal style wrought iron railing designs can be achieved with the addition of elegant touches that give the result a more classic look. Finials are the top point of the spires and ornamental patterns can help to create a regal look. A top section that comprises an arch rather than being laid out in a straight line can give railings a more regal look. Depending on the length of the railings and the length and width of the arch, the number of curves the railings contain can vary. The arches can be highlighted by adding a duplicate horizontal post beneath that at the top of the railing.


A great number of decorative wrought iron railing designs can be achieved due to the manner in which iron can be manipulated during the manufacturing process. The spires can be twisted to create a different look, either every other one or all of them. Intermittently using S shaped spires between the straight ones can also help to create a unique design. The horizontal members can also be varied to create decorative railings, such as rings or semi circles.


It is possible to create a unique design for your railings by getting a specific design commissioned. Whether you want the railings to comprise numbers or letters, this will be possible by getting them custom made. This is an ideal option to choose when you want to use the railing to present the number of name of the property that the railing is attached to.  


Wrought iron railing designs can be practical as well as decorative as they can help to keep intruders out of the property. The height of the railings can prove to be a deterrent in many circumstances, so using a railing in excess of  6 feet will be beneficial. Spires that do not comprise any horizontal members near the top or the middle will prevent anyone from being able to climb them. By making use of pointed finials, this can create an added aspect to prevent the barrier from being breached.

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