5000 PSI Pressure Washer

For the toughest, most intense forms of industrial stripping, scrubbing and cleaning, a 5000 PSI pressure washer provides a tremendous amount of power unmatched by other models. Available from Northstar, Global Industrial and the Mi TM Corporation, 5000 PSI pressure washers can remove hardened concrete from steel, blast rust off of a metal surface and even strip off barnacles and other debris from ship hulls in a dry dock. Because of their power, these pressure washers are not used for residential applications. They range in price from about $3,000 to $5,400.

Specifications and Design

5000 PSI pressure washers are designed with a full-roll cage made of 1¼-inch or bigger tubular steel. They come equipped with large pneumatic wheels, an adjustable pressure valve and a rear-entry industrial spray gun with a light trigger and quick-connect couplers. A gas-fueled engine with electric start is standard. The belt-driven, industrial-grade pump features a sight glass to monitor the oil level.

Features and Accessories

With a water flow rate of 5.0 gallons per minute or better, the efficiency of a 5000 PSI pressure washer is astounding. Accessories may include a 50 foot wire-braided hose with quick-connect ends, up to 5 quick-connect nozzles including 0, 15, 25 and 40-degree types plus a low-pressure soap/chemical nozzle and a 4 foot lance.