6 Modern Wood and Stone Fireplace Mantel Designs

A fireplace is a thing of beauty in any home. The warm attraction of a glowing fire on a winter's evening can only be enhanced by a surround built to match the interior of your home. Many products are on the market which can work with your home. It is merely a case of deciding which is right for you. Some of the more long-lasting items include wood, stone and granite. The idea is two-fold in a modern home. It is there to give heat and it is there to bring a feeling of comfort and coziness to the living area. 

1: A Stone Surround

A stone surround with a wooden mantel is a timeless piece for any living room. It creates an ambiance of timeless beauty. The wood can come in differing types and designs from pillared sides with the stepped slate to give the look of strength to the surround while at the same time, protecting the wood from the heat of the fire. Designs of various types can be placed around a stepped slate or dressed stone surround.

2: The Plain and Classic Shape

A modern room can be adorned by a fireplace which has a simple wooden surround. The stark line of the linear look emphasizes the natural wood look. Straight up lines sweep the eyes toward the simple over-mantle on which various objects can be arranged.

3: The Use of Granite

A granite fireplace brings a myriad of colors that can be available in granite of various extracts. Granite comes in a wide range of colors from various parts of the world. One has to remember when using granite colors other than grey or white that it can restrict future color changes in a room.

4: Stone Boulders

Building your fireplace surround out of stone boulders can give a rugged, modern look to any room and when topped with an over-mantel of something like a railway sleeper you will create a look of large proportions. This look requires a large room and should be set about a foot off the floor to enable the heat to warm the room adequately.

5: A Rustic Look

The types of wood you use in your surround can change the entire look of your design. A solid shelf of red cedar would give it a rustic look. In a small room on the other hand, you might want to use a small, but elegant, narrow piece of wood in light oak with a simple grate to hold the coals.

6: A Totally Modern Home

For a modern look you might want a recessed fireplace flush to the wall but with a plinth over-mantle with a few simple decorations. Modern and stark in simplicity, it would blend itself with a room where you had furniture of chrome and glass. Simple surrounds need a simple approach to the décor.

It’s all in the matter of choice of living space and design, but either way you need a fireplace in a home where the winters are cold and the snow is piled high at the door.