6 Above Ground Fiberglass Pools Maintenance Tips 6 Above Ground Fiberglass Pools Maintenance Tips

Above ground fiberglass pools can seem like a blessing in the hot summer, when they’re used almost every day. The maintenance of these pools, however, is something that needs to be considered all year round. Good maintenance of above ground fiberglass pools, keeps them in good order and gives them much longer life. Where there are problems, regular maintenance means that you catch them early, when they’re easier to fix.

Tip #1 - Water

Before using the pool in summer, drain it and refill with fresh water. This is a big job, but a very worthwhile one, as the swimming will be much more enjoyable and it will be much easier to control the chlorine levels in the water.

Tip #2 - Chlorine

It’s important to check the chlorine levels in the pool very regularly. If you don’t have ample chlorine, algae is going to develop, and this will end up changing the color of the water until it looks like a green pond in the woods-something you really don’t want.

Depending on where you live, a good maintenance tip is to give a heavy shock at the beginning of the swimming season. Use 2 bags of shock, and then another around the beginning of August. Once a week, you should also make sure the pool receives a greater concentration of chlorine, to keep the levels high. Be certain to keep checking the alkaline levels often, too.

Tip #3 - Pool Cover

The pool should be covered all fall and winter, to help keep any debris out of the water, this is especially important if there are trees close to the pool. Doing this, and using a pool screen when the pool isn’t in use during the summer, can save you a great deal of back-breaking work.

Tip #4 - Structure

Go around and check the structure of the pool every week during the summer. Look at the integrity, examine all the connections, and look for any small leaks. Do this weekly in the summer and monthly for the rest of the year. This will help you find any potential problems, while they’re still in the early stages.

Tip #5 - Vacuuming

Remove any debris from the surface of the water in the above ground fiber glass pool daily, in swimming season (known as skimming the pool). During the summer, you also need to be certain that you vacuum the pool on a regular basis. This will remove debris that has sunk to the bottom. Be aware that you need to go slowly, to avoid stirring up the sediment that’s settled there.

Tip #6 - Filters

The job of the filters is to trap debris. If they become clogged, then the pump won’t work as efficiently, which can cause problems in the pool. You should check the filters at least once a week during swimming season, and possibly more often, and clean them out whenever needed, to ensure the mechanism works well. By doing this, you’ll greatly extend the life of the pool pump.

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