6 Advantages of Owning a Pop Up Pool

Having your own pop up pool is an excellent thing to have if you have a large family. It makes family time fun and you can have an afternoon of excitement without spending a dime.

1. Good Investment

A pop up pool is a cheaper option that going to a club that has a pool or owning a regular in-ground pool. Since it is not a permanent piece of property you don’t have to worry about leaving it behind if you decide to move. Having a pop up pool gives you the chance to experience a pool without all the investment in case you don’t want to spend a great deal of money.

2. Easy to Install

Pop up pools are easy to install. The come in many sizes and can even fit in small yards. In addition, fill up is as easy as using a garden hose. Pop up pools remain clear with the proper chemicals. You can even purchase a saltwater system that makes maintenance much easier. A pool cover can be purchased to keep dirt from going into the pool. They require no sand for support and take only 2 people to assemble. The pool rises itself when the water is added. They come with a filter pump, a pool cover, and a ground cloth. In addition, for easy draining they come with a built-in drain plug.

3. Ability to Swim Anytime

Pops up pools give you the option of swimming at any time on any day. You can easily create a pool environment and a pool party. They can give children something to do and you have the advantage of being able to watch your children as well.

4. Similar Size to a Regular Pool

Pop up pools come in the same depths as a regular in-the-ground pool. Oval-shaped pop up pools are quite sturdy and come with an inflatable ring and side supports, which hold the pool up. You can get a pop up pool 4 feet deep that has the ability to hold a big group of people. You also have the option of choosing the dimensions to your pool size. They can come as small as 8 feet in diameter and as large as 18 feet in diameter.

5. Put Away Capabilities

Pop up pools have the capability of being put away during the winter months. You can store pop up pools in your garage during those cold winter months. As you drain the water out through the built-in drain plug, the pool will slowly deflate in its entirety.

6. Easy to Clean

Pop up pools are easy to clean and can be cleaned with a paper pool filter. These filters need to be cleaned occasionally. Although they are expensive they are a good idea to invest in if you want to keep your pool water sanitized. Pop up pools can easily be filled with water and you can clean out dirt and debris with a mesh scooper.