6 Advantages of Using a Steel Ball Valve

A steel ball valve is an excellent choice of fitting for your gas and water lines. The valve consists of a handle attached to a ball. When the handle is turned, it opens the valve to regulate the flow of gas and water within the pipe. Valves are also designed to shut off the flow of the pipe contents. Ball valves are available in various materials. These include copper, brass, stainless steel, cast iron, bronze, PVC and ceramic. Steel has consistently been one of the top choices for use in fittings for hundreds of years. Below are 6 advantages of using this type of ball valve.

1 - Efficiency

Your choice of material for ball valves used in piping has a direct impact on efficiency. Steel bearings make a tight and secure fit where installed. This contributes to a very low leakage rate and high efficiency. The valves will still shut off flow of gas and water with precision, even after several years of not being in use. This makes steel valves an extremely reliable choice in service delivery.

2 - Resilience

Steel is an extremely hard metal which gives it a high resilience. This is especially important in plumbing which requires strong materials to cope with high water pressure. Steel fittings cope very well in water. Some materials do not have the same capacity as steel to handle the prolonged contact with water. Steel also has a much higher tensile strength than most materials. The valves do not suffer damage easily which contributes to safety and reliability in service delivery.

3 - Durable

Steel ball valves are amongst the most durable type on the market. They have a high capacity to handle both hot and cold temperatures as well as pressure. This makes them ideal in various environments. Stainless steel bearings do not rust which reduces on the maintenance required. It also adds to their durability.

4 - Corrosion-Resistant

The valves are made from stainless steel alloy which has an excellent resistance to corrosion and rust. Given the frequent contact with water, you want to select valves that have the capacity to withstand the wear and tear effects by water. If you live in a coastal area, steel is a suitable choice of fitting due to the high incidence of corrosion.

5 - Low Maintenance

When properly installed, steel valves don’t require much maintenance. Yet they have an extremely high performance level. This is partly because of their high resilience which contributes to high efficiency. They have an extremely low failure rate unlike some of the other options. This helps to reduce on your maintenance costs and makes steel ball valves a cost-effective choice in the long run.

6 - Cost-Effective

Stainless steel ball valves are among the more affordable fittings available on the market. This enables easier acquisition and installation in residential piping. Once installed, you can pretty much forget about the valves as they can serve you well for a lifetime. You need not bother with periodic replacements which makes them a cost-effective investment. Steel valves also add value to your property because of their high efficiency, reliability and durability.