6 Advantages of Using Aluminum Spray Paint

Despite its name, aluminum spray paint is not only meant to be used on aluminum nor is it completely made out of aluminum. Aluminum spray paint consists of a resin base and solid aluminum flecks. The resin base in aluminum spray paint gives it its flow as well as durability and strength.

The aluminum flakes gives aluminum spray paint its metallic finish and shine. The standard used by most manufacturers is a silvery finish and a single shade. Some manufacturers add pigments to the aluminum spray paint to create other shades. The aluminum spray paint will darken over time regardless of the shade. The following article will provide you with information on the advantages of using aluminum spray paint.

Multiple Uses

Most spray paints are meant to be used on one material or the other. Aluminum spray paint can be used successfully on pretty much any surface you can think of. It is great to use on metal to give it a metallic finish but it can also transform masonry and wood into something resembling metal. Aluminum spray paint is generally used to spruce up industrial fixtures and finishes but is also used on furniture and walls. The paint can be used inside as well as outside. As long as the surface is completely cleaned of dirt and oils the aluminum spray paint will adhere to it.

Wide Range of Application Methods

Aluminum spray paint can obviously be sprayed onto a surface but it can also be brushed and rolled on to get into tough areas. You can even get very creative with the aluminum spray paint by ragging it on its surface. If you can imagine a look and you need a metallic finish, you can probably create it with aluminum spray paint.

Lasts a Long Time

The aluminum flakes in the spray paint allow it to last nearly as long as aluminum. If you keep the area cleaned and free of dirt and oils it can last for years. The color of the paint will discolor over time due to oxidation in the aluminum flecks.


Aluminum spray paint is much harder than the best oil based spray paint. It gets its durability from the aluminum flecks in the paint as well as the fiberglass resin base. This durability also allows aluminum spray paint to be used around a variety of chemicals, oil and grease.

Perfect for Metal

Aluminum spray paint offers a realistic aluminum finish and is perfect for painting metal. It is especially useful on radiators and barbecue grills. It will create the look of metal as well as offer a finish that is resistant to corrosion and rust. You can even apply it over rust and worn metal to give it back its original appeal.


Aluminum spray paint can also be used as an insulator as aluminum keeps heat away and traps in the cool. This makes it great on water towers and ducts. This would allow the hot and cold to travel without losing too much of their properties.