6 Advantages of Using an HVLP Spray Gun

An HVLP spray gun is the choice of many people for paint work. This is, in part, because it does the job extremely well, offering excellent coverage. It’s not expensive to buy or to operate. When paired with the correct air compressor, it will perform excellently. The HVLP spray gun has largely replaced other types, which means it must be superior. What advantages does an HVLP spray gun offer?

Reduced Overspray

One problem with many spray guns is the amount of overspray, which essentially is wasted paint. This increases both the time and the cost of a job. Since there’s more air and less pressure in an HVLP spray gun, a greater amount of paint reaches the surface you’re painting, and far less is wasted in overspray. The added effect of this is less pollution, which makes the HVLP spray gun good for the environment.

Heath and Safety

As the transfer efficiency of the HVLP spray gun is so high when compared to other sprayers, they’re safer to use, since less overspray means less paint in the pair. Several states and local authorities have already mandated them for auto refinishers as they make the workplace safer for paints, although breathing equipment is still necessary.

Quality Of Finish

With the proper equipment that’s been correctly adjusted, an HVLP spray gun will give a finish every bit as good as other spray guns, but with one bonus-the final clear coat doesn’t need to be buffed. That cuts down on costs for labor, as well as speeding up the process.


In a professional operation, using only the HVLP spray gun can cut the costs on paint by as much as 30 per cent. In part this is because of the reduced overspray, but also due to the vastly improved transfer efficiency. That makes for a notable saving. Even if you’re just using an HVLP spray gun at home to paint your car, any reduction in costs is going to be welcomed.


You’ll find that a job will go faster with an HVLP spray gun as opposed to other types of sprays. Again, this is due to the transfer efficiency of the gun, as a greater amount of paint is delivered to the surface all the time. Where time is money, the faster a job goes, the more work can be done, and the larger the amount of money that can be made. Where this is combined with a high quality finish, everyone wins.


An HVLP spray gun isn’t expensive, putting it readily in the range of even the home auto refinisher. If rebuilding cars is your hobby, it’s worth the investment, along with a good air compressor, which you might need for your tools. If you paint vehicles, or even boats, regularly, it will pay for itself in a short time through all the additional savings. Even if you simply rent an HVLP spray gun, you’ll still save money through reduced materials cost and the speed at which you’ll be able to work, which will mean a lower rental fee.