6 Advantages of Using Electric Grass Shears

Electric grass shears are an excellent aid for the gardener who wants an attractive lawn. The shears enable you to finish your lawn to perfection. With shears, you’ll easily be able to trim grass in awkward and confined areas without too much of a strain. Shears give you greater control and outreach than a lawn mower when you need to trim grass in certain areas. You’re bound to come across a wide variety of shears on the market. Below are 6 advantages of the electric model to help you decide.

1.  Ease of Use

You’ll find electric shears easy to use as not much expertise is required. The shears are one of the lighter garden tools available if you need to trim certain areas of your lawn. This contributes to ease of use. Large comfortable handles add to the comfort level as you work. The handles are designed to enable increased maneuverability. Most models have grooves on the handles which enables a better grip.

2.  High Efficiency

Electric shears enable you to cut your grass with attention to detail. You’ll be able to cut grass around flowerbeds, sidewalks, footpaths and other areas with ease. It is more difficult to maneuver a mower in such areas. A lawn mower may also miss some grass because it cuts in wide swaths. However, with shears you’re able to capture every portion of grass you target. This results in a well trimmed lawn. Most models allow you to work for a long span uninterrupted. The integrated battery can perform for up to 1 hour.

3.  Versatile

Extra attachments on some models of shears contribute to increased flexibility as you work. Extension handles are useful if you have back problems. This enables you to trim grass in an upright position. It spares you from having to bend over as you work. This results in less fatigue and muscle strains.

4.  Lightweight

The size and lightweight nature of the shears makes them easy to store. Most models have a length of 1 to 2 feet. This makes them easy to carry if you need to work elsewhere without much of a hassle. The lightweight nature of the shears also causes less physical strain while you work.

5.  Durable

Electric shears can serve you well for several years. This is partly because the tool isn’t used as heavily as a lawn mower. The wear and tear rate is therefore significantly lower. The most heavily used part of the shears is the blade feature. Fortunately, blades are replaceable. It isn’t difficult to detach worn out blades and fit new ones. The price of new blades varies according to model. However, many models have blades that cost just about $10. The low maintenance aspect also contributes to increased durability of the shears.

6.  Affordable

You won’t have to dent your budget to acquire a pair of electric shears. A huge variety is available on the market with a wide price range. Cheaper models can be found for as low as $35 while higher priced models can run into a couple of hundred dollars.