6 Advantages to Having a Brick Outdoor Shower

A brick outdoor shower.

If you are considering whether or not to install an outdoor shower, you will benefit from being aware of the advantages of doing so. Understanding what can be gained from the shower will help you to decide whether it is a worthwhile option for you.

1. Washing

An outdoor shower can be very convenient because it will prevent dirt from being trailed into your home. Whether you have a swimming pool or regularly undertake your own landscaping work, a shower that is located outside the house will be ideal. This will enable you to wash without having to track any debris into the home on your way to the bathroom inside the house. It will also negate the inconvenience of having to remove dirty items of clothing before entering the house. If you regularly host pool parties, it is the perfect way to give your guests the opportunity to clean up without having to traipse through your house to do so.

2. Privacy

A brick outdoor shower can be convenient from a privacy point of view. Even if you live in close proximity to other properties, you will still be able to get the pleasure of showering outside while still maintaining some privacy. Locating it in a secluded area of your garden can increase the level of privacy.

3. As an Alternative

An outdoor shower can be used as an alternative to a hose or outside faucet when water is needed for activities, such as watering plants or filling a bucket to wash a car. It will also make for an alternative to the indoor bathroom in the event that it is unavailable. Depending on whether the outdoor shower has a separate water supply, it can be used in the event of a failure of the inside water supply.

4. Maintenance

An outdoor brick shower.

A brick shower can be ideal for your garden since it will be easy to maintain. Brick construction will make for a shower with a sturdy structure that will last for many years. Ensuring that you have adequate drainage will also mean that it will not require a significant amount of cleaning to keep it in good condition.

5. Rinse

The shower can be used as an alternative to a hose for rinsing items that are used outside and need to be cleaned. Gardening tools and pool cleaning tools will often need to be rinsed before they are put away and the shower can be used for this purpose. This will often allow you to do the same job that a hose would do, but by using less water.

6. Design

You will often be able to build a shower according to your exact specifications in order to create a focal point in your garden. Whether you want to make it blend in with the garden or to stand out from it, you will find it possible to create the design that you want. The different colors that bricks are available in will enable you to make a choice you are happy with.