6 Advantages to Owning an Air Admittance Valve

An air admittance valve is a valve that can prevent you from having that stinky sewer smell leak into your home. You will also not have to worry about clogs nearly as much. They are great devices that have one way valves. Basically, what this means is that the water can only flow one way, out and never back in. The bottom line being that an air admittance valve keeps the unwanted water where it belongs, out of your home.

Several Benefits

One of the many benefits of these valves is that their durability is tested while they are being made. This means that they will be able to withstand most rodent attacks and other problems that other valves can’t.

They also have a long life span. You can expect your air admittance valve to be able to go through over 500,000 cycles. That usually equals out to about 20 or more years, depending on the use of your valve.

In addition to keeping the sewer odor out of your home, you will be able to count on less things going wrong. There are very few parts that come with this valve. But do not let this make you nervous, what this basically means, is that there is so much less to go wrong. The fewer the parts, the less likely you will have to replace them.


In addition to serving you so well, you will not have to pay an arm and a leg to enjoy the benefits of one of these valves. Usually, you will be able to find them for no more than $40.00. Keep this in mind when you will be able to save nearly $300.00 should you choose to get a piping system installed that attempts to do the same job as an air admittance valve. Also, because they last so long, $40.00 every 20 or so years doesn’t really seem like that much money at the end of the day.

You will also be saving on vent pipe material as well as labor costs.

In addition to keeping the inner workings of your home running better, the exterior will benefit too. The overall appearance of your roof will improve because you will have less protruding pipes. These pipes also cause leaks, less leaks means less work that will need to be done to your roof. This basically means that you will save on roof repairs and the value of your home will go up.

Keep in Mind

The air admittance valve is something that has been accepted by all major building as well as plumbing codes. While this is the case, there are certain areas that are not familiar with what an air admittance valve does. The areas that are not familiar with it may give you a hard time when you are trying to get one installed. The person that is doing the installation will need to check with the local building code official to make sure that there will not be any problems with the installation of your air admittance valve.