6 African Home Decor Ideas

African home décor can really brighten up a dowdy room in your home. The vibrant colors add brightness and depth and make a place come alive. However, Africa is a whole continent and the style of North Africa can be very different from somewhere like Ghana, while South Africa is different yet again. You can mix and match items, choosing pieces from all over Africa. As long as they match, it doesn’t really matter. It’s all about the effect. Experiment and don’t be afraid to subtract things to create the best effect. Less can often be a lot more.

1. African Fabric

The quickest way to transform a room is with swathes of African fabric. You can use it as a hanging on the wall or as a throw on the sofa. A large block of fabric will draw the eye, especially if it’s patterned as much African textiles tend to be. Be careful not to overdo it. Don’t put it on all of the walls or it will just be overwhelming.

2. African Gourds

Throughout Africa, people use gourds of different sizes for many different things. gourdes can be used for many reasons from decoration to holding water or other liquids. A display of gourds of different sizes can make a great accent for any room. You can often find carved gourds which add an extra dimension to the display.

You can also use clay pots of different sizes which create the same look but with an utterly different texture.

3. African Cushions

If you’ve draped your couch with a throw of African material, you might not want to use African cushions. However, if your couch is a plain color, then vibrant African cushions and a throw pillow can brighten it up immediately.

They’re also incredibly effective scattered on the floor as additional seating or simply piled up in a corner ready for people to use.

4. African Instruments

People associate drums with Africa and there are many types of African drums. Sizes range from tiny to huge and all of them can look good in an African-themed room. But why not go beyond that and put something like a small African harp on the wall, or a larger one, known as a kora, in the corner? Alternatively, something as simple as a thumb piano on a table adds a certain appeal and guests can play with it when they visit!

5. African Furniture

It’s easy to find tables and small cabinets from North Africa. They may be elaborately carved or use a mixture of metal and wood for ornamentation. They make excellent side tables and are often brightly painted. With a little hunting, you can also find Africa chairs made of carved wood. The decoration is often very complex and the wood tends to be dark so you probably don’t want more than one of these pieces in a room.

6. African Sculpture

It’s easy to find African sculpture, made from either wood or soapstone. Small pieces look good on a coffee table or on the mantel while larger ones can easily fill a corner and offer a great focus for the eye.