6 Basic Designs for Sun Porches

Sun porches are a common feature in older homes. Before the advent of air conditioning, it was common to have a screened in porch or a sun porch with windows you could open. Sun porches let you enjoy the sun and outdoor views while staying comfortable. There are several different designs of sun porches from which to choose, depending on how you want to use the space.

Conservatory Design

A conservatory sun porch has glass in the walls and the roof. Traditionally, they are furnished with wicker or iron furniture and pots of plants. In order to keep the conservatory at a comfortable temperature, it is necessary to use insulated glass. This will also help to keep the energy costs down. You can decide which windows will be static and which ones will be able to be opened and closed. Because there is so much glass involved, it requires a specially-trained contractor to construct it.

Cathedral Design

A sun porch with a cathedral (or gable) design features a vaulted ceiling and walls of windows. This design does give you lots of natural light and a feeling of space. This kind of sun porch is not intended as a green house. Attaching this kind of sun porch to your home may require the contractor to remove the overhang of the roof, add flashing, a saddle, and new shingles. You will want to get a contractor with experience in doing this kind of installation.

Studio Design

A studio sunroom has a low pitched roof that comes out from the home. It has a solid roof and glass walls on three sides. You can order screens, glass, or acrylic window pane, and transoms that open and close for air flow. This is one of the most affordable options for a sun porch.

Solarium Design

Solariums have glass in the roof and walls to let in light. Often the front edge of the roof is curved glass. Modern solariums have specially treated glass that blocks UV (ultraviolet) rays. This kind of glass also makes it easier to heat the space in the winter. These kinds of sun porches are a good value and come in many varieties of roof designs, windows, screens and transoms.

Screened Design

The screened-in sun porch is the one so many of us remember from our childhoods. These kinds of sunrooms have screened walls, allowing for maximum airflow, while keeping out bugs. One disadvantage is that it is not heated or cooled. This is a good option for mild climates.

Entry Sun Porch

Have the feeling of an old time front porch with the comfort of a sun porch. It also keeps hot or cold air from sweeping directly into your home. Put a couple of rocking chairs on the sun porch.

Adding a sun porch designed specifically for your family will expand the living space in your home and let you bring the outdoors inside.