6 Bay Window Treatment Ideas

A bay window can offer a design challenge to even the most seasoned interior designer. The bay window is a large space broken up in to three quadrants (sometimes more) and each needs to be dealt with. What follows are several design ideas to make your bay window stand out and pop with the rest of your home.

Harmonious Roman Shades

If you want a clean look that is also open then a Roman shade may be the right design choice for you. The Roman shade rolls up from the bottom and offers an elegant look. Try to find material for the Roman shades that match the furniture in the bay window area. If you want to be a bit bolder, you can always use neutral or contrasting colors. The great thing about Roman shades in the bay window is the sizes are standard so you do not have to worry about half sizes or shades that are too wide or not wide enough.

Privacy Screens

If your bay window does not have a window seat attached to it you can add window screens to the area. You create a staggered step look to it while blocking off the bay window entirely. The screens can be very neutral or complimentary to the overall design of the room itself. The other side of the screen could be a great place for you to place holiday decorations to keep a separation of styles that may not work together. You can also push the center screens in toward the bay window and add a small table and some chairs.

Layered Panels

Panel drapes can always add flair and color to a bay window. Use two layers of panels: sheer and velvet. The sheer fabric goes on the bottom layer and they pull across the windows to help deflect the window glare while offering privacy in the room. The velvet patterned fabric softens the decor while adding a splash of color and style. You can change the velvet out every season if you like without much hassle.

Open Air and Closed Walls

This kind of treatment takes advantage of a great view. There really is no privacy involved with this bay window treatment. It is a wall and rod style. Use sheer white underlays and a splash of color on top. Cover the rods in the same color of fabric. Basically you want to cover the sections of walls with the layered fabric while leaving the windows wide open. When the windows are in great shape and the view is beautiful; this is a great bay window treatment.

Fill the Bay

This is a perfect treatment for a bay window that contains a window seat. Instead of adding curtains to the windows you can place one long rod on the ceiling in front of the bay window which allows you to close off the window seat and pull in the entire room.

Window Shades

Instead of utilizing full drapery you can use window shades instead. Complete the room by choosing half-shades that match the room.