6 Benefits of a Drive Belt Garage Door Opener

A drive belt garage door opener is very popular among homeowners who are installing the opener themselves. Usually the chain drive, or the screw drive, is installed in new homes that are being built. However, when a homeowner has to make the choice between garage door openers, it is often going to be a belt drive garage door opener. The benefits of this type of door opener outweighs the cost of the machine. If you are looking for a garage door opener, here are some of the benefits of a belt driven one to help you make your decision.

1. Speed

While lifting a garage door is not exactly going to be ultra fast, using a belt driven garage door opener will get it done a little quicker than the others. The belt moves in a steady, smooth manner, making the garage door vibrate, sway, and stutter significantly less while it travels. This means that you get a respectable 7 to 8 inches per second while lowering, and 10 inches a second while it is rising.

2. Power

While the belt drive is not going to lift very heavy two car garage doors, it will raise heavier one car garage doors. This type of drive is particularly strong because the entire weight of the door is spread out among the entire belt rather than a few individual links at a time. This way, the belt does not get too overburdened at one point.

3. Noise

Among the three different types of garage door openers, the belt driven opener is the quietest. Chain driven and screw driven garage door openers have a lot of noise that is built into the system because of the way they work. From the actual motor running to squeaking, this level of noise can be too much if your bedroom is on an adjacent wall from the garage. The belt drive garage door opener runs smoothly without any squeaking noises. The motor is quieter because there is not a lot of strain in running the belt long the rail system.

4. Ease of Use

When using a belt drive garage door opener you can choose from different controls that will make it easier to use. Choose from car controls, keychain controls, garage controls, and even in house controls that will raise and lower your door from wherever you are.

5. Ease of Installation

This system is installed fairly easily once you have determined the measurements. From there it is a matter of installing the mounting brackets and raising the opener in place.

6. Bright Lights

Most garage door openers have lights located on the front end of the motor unit. The lights on a belt drive opener can go up to 130 watts for much brighter use in the garage to help drive your car in. In a lot of cases, there are lights in the front of the unit and in the rear for more lighting options.