6 Best Applications for a Torx Screwdriver

A Torx screwdriver, also known as a star screwdriver, is a very specific type of screwdriver where the screw head and the bit of the screwdriver both have the pattern of a 6 point star. The bit has to be an exact fit for the screw head in order to tighten or loosen the screw. The screwdriver keeps and even pressure on the screw head. This means that there is a consistent toque to the screwdriver so there is no danger of the screwdriver “camming out.”

1 - Computers

If you do much work on a computer you’ll need to own a Torx screwdriver, as many of the screws inside the computer tower or the laptop are Torx screws. This isn’t for security, as so many people own Torx screwdrivers now that it would serve no purpose, although that was the original reason. It’s to ensure a close fit with an even torque. Given the limited space inside a computer, the fitting of the components need to be exact, and the Torx screwdriver ensures this.

2 - Hard Disk Drives

Closely related to computers, hard disk drives are available for all manner of devices, such as video recording. These are enclosed within a case, and you’ll need a Torx screwdriver in order to remove it. This prevents just anyone opening up the hard drive; although the screwdrivers are much more common, only those with a need would own them. It also ensures even pressure at all points.

3 - Electronics

Take a look at your DVD player, CD player, all types of electrical components, and you’ll see that the more delicate parts of them require a Torx screwdriver to open. This does serve as protection, and means the screwdriver can slip at all, but the constant torque makes for a much better seal when joining two things. That precision can be vital with anything electronic, so the use of the Torx screwdriver has become widespread in the industry.

4 - Automotive

A screwdriver that can’t slip and gives constant torque is ideal for the automotive industry, where things need to be fasted down properly and at the correct pressure. The Torx screwdriver can perform this very quickly and consistently, to the point where it’s become a vital part of automotive construction.

5 - Construction

As the Torx screwdriver has become more widely used, it’s been adopted by the construction industry. In part this is because the design means that the tool is longer lasting than other types of screwdriver, and will work more efficiently. This can make for substantial savings over time.

6 - Security

Where security is an issue, there are variants on the Torx screwdriver than can make the screws virtually tamper proof. One has a post in the center of the screw so even a normal Torx screwdriver won’t fit; it requires a special tool. The other variant, which is used in automobile engines, is the external Torx. In this the entire screw head has a 6 points shape, so it requires a special screwdriver in order to turn it.