6 Best Uses for a Drop in Anchor

A drop in anchor is a female anchor and a metal fastener designed to be used only in concrete. It is not recommended for brick or block materials. The anchor is either made of stainless steel for outdoor use or zinc-coated for indoor use. The installation of the anchor requires the use of a power drill to create a hole of the same diameter as the anchor on a solid piece of concrete. Here are some of the most common applications for drop in anchors.

Overhead Hangers

In most instances, overhead hangers need to be hanged on concrete ceilings and walls. The application is easier if the ceiling is made of drywall or wood. However, the installation may be hard if the ceiling is made of solid concrete. For concrete ceilings, a drop in anchor is the best option for the job. The installation involves drilling holes on the ceiling with a hammer drill and screwing the threaded rods of the overhead hanger into the drop in anchors fitted into the holes.


Handrails offer stability and support in various applications. These supports can be installed on bathroom walls, staircases and escalators. They can be installed on the walls, the floor or the stairs. Installing these supports on wooden stairs, walls, or floors may not be a problem; however, the case is different when the walls, stairs or floors are made of concrete. In such instances, drop in anchors offer the perfect solution.

Light Fixtures

Light fixtures such as chandeliers require an excellent support that can bear their whole weight. Usually, these are installed in high concrete ceilings that are hard to reach. In the installation of these electronic devices, drop in anchors are required to fasten them firmly in place.

Fire Extinguishers

Another best use for drop in anchors involves the installation of fire extinguishers. Most buildings are made of concrete and therefore require fasteners that can penetrate solid concrete. Fire sprinklers are usually attached to the building walls or ceilings. The attachment of these devices on the concrete walls and ceilings is possible using drop in anchors.

Plumbing Applications

A drop in anchor is also perfect for many types of plumbing applications. Office buildings and homes should all have an efficient plumbing system for utilities such as gas, electricity and water. Most of the times, pipes are suspended on ceilings or attached to walls to provide easier access for repairs. In these situations, the plumbing applications require the use of concrete fasteners.


Shelves that need to be attached to concrete walls require the use of a drop in anchor. Offices, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, study rooms and other functional rooms require the use of shelves and cabinets. Wall-mounted shelves can be installed or mounted on walls using drop in anchors.

These are only some of the most common applications for drop in anchors; however, these fasteners can be used for a variety of different applications including the installation of steel sections, tracks, railings, machinery, suspension rings, etc.