6 Best Uses for a Solar Water Pump 6 Best Uses for a Solar Water Pump

More and more people are considering the benefits of using solar water pump especially in many developing countries. Villages and other rural areas pump water from wells and rivers for their everyday use. Solar powered water pumping system used to be very expensive, but the prices have dropped over the years making it more available to a huge number of the population. Furthermore, huge establishments in urban areas find the use of solar water pumps as a cost-effective mean in supplying water for their businesses.

The method of solar water pump is similar to other water pumping system, only it uses energy from the sun. Energy is generated through a solar panel. The energy is then used to power an electric motor which makes the surface pump drive water various water sources such as deep wells, rivers and ponds.

Solar energy is the most abundant form of energy people can use. And this form of energy is indeed very helpful to a community. In the outskirts and areas where electricity is not supplied, these solar water pumps are good options in producing safer and cleaner form of energy. You have read the reasons behind the use of this for energy production. Now let’s consider the best uses of a solar water pump.

1. Irrigation

A solar water pump is an ideal tool for farmers. They can move or transfer water from nearby sources such as lake or rivers to irrigate the crops using solar water pump. Farmers and avid gardeners will be able to save on their irrigation budget for using solar water pump, instead of fuel-powered pumps.

2. Livestock

Ranch owners can also benefit a lot from using solar water pump. They can provide water for their animals in a cost-effective and easy way. The solar water pump can generate water from deep wells, streams, pond, and even pipelines.

3. Garden Fountains

Aside from functional purposes, a solar water pump can also be used as a cost-effective way to generate water for your garden fountains. Many household owners use their water pumps as fountains which give the house a different yet refreshing ambiance. You will be able to save a huge amount of energy especially if you want your water fountains work for several hours a day. In fact, you can turn it on continuously and not worry about paying huge power bills.

4. Home Supply

Many environmentalists agree that using solar water pump at home is one of the best ways to go “green.” For domestic water use, a booster pump should be used especially if the water source is shallow.

5. Large Scale Watering System for Commercial Establishments

Solar water pump is now also being used in huge cities. Various large establishments such as hotels, apartments, condominiums and even government buildings implement solar water pumps in order to save on their power expenses.

6. Water Treatment Systems

In areas where the quality of water is very poor, government and private companies use water purification process which requires water pumping. Solar water pumps can be used as a cost-effective substitute for fuel-powered pumping machines.

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