6 Best Uses for Exterior Plywood

Extreme weather such as snow and rain can damage ordinary plywood which is why exterior plywood is now used. Exterior plywood is pressure treated and imbued with chemicals that make it able to stand up to the elements where other plywood would fail. Exterior plywood is also resistant to mold, mildew and insects and can last a long time if properly sealed. There are many uses for exterior plywood and the information that follows will share with you some of those uses.

1. Tool Shed

If you are someone that enjoys working on cars, the home or creating things out of wood but do not have the space for all the tools then a tool shed is a good idea. You can build a very simple tool shed out of exterior plywood and it will last for many years. It not only protects your tools from the elements and frees up space but can also protect your family and your home. Some tools may become coated with flammable materials that can spontaneously combust and destroy a home. Having a detached tool shed will keep these potentially dangerous chemicals away from your main living space.

2. Deck, Porch or Patio

Since exterior plywood is manufactured to withstand the elements and weight it makes it perfect to use as a porch, deck or patio. Not only can you stain and paint the exterior plywood to match your style but it will last for years. You can have outdoor furniture on it without worry of buckling or rot. Exterior plywood is able to hold a lot of weight and can even support a hot tub.

3. Fencing

Being able to block your home off from the view others is not a bad idea if you value your privacy. An outdoor fence can be built from exterior plywood so that it will last for years with minimal upkeep. A solid plywood fence is not that appealing but you can cut and mill it into more traditional looking fence pieces. You can then stain and paint the plywood however you see fit to make your outdoor fence look nice.

4. Exterior Walls

When a home is being built they will use plywood to build walls. For the walls that come in contact with the elements need to be made out of exterior plywood. If regular plywood is used, you run the risk of mold and mildew forming as well as the wood rotting.

5. Furniture

Trying to enjoy the outdoors on lawn or folding chairs is not only uncomfortable but unsightly. There are many types of furniture that you can make out of exterior plywood and then finish however you wish like painting, staining to upholstering. Some of the best furniture ideas include bench seating, porch swing or a picnic table.

6. Storage Box

If you own a dog, pool or recreational equipment like horseshoes, lawn darts or lawn bowling then you need a place to store the things you use. The garage or shed can quickly fill up and a storage box will alleviate some storage woes.