6 Best Uses for Oak Plywood

Oak plywood is a cost-effective alternative to solid oak, and even more cost-effective than woods such as maple and cherry. Oak is a beautiful wood cherished by woodworkers for its strength and durability, and it is a common choice for building quality furniture. If you are planning a new woodworking project, oak is an excellent option. Here are 6 of the best ways you can use oak plywood.

1.  Bookcases

Rich wood bookcases are a valuable and practical addition to any modern home. Oak plywood bookcases impart a solid feel to your décor. Because of oak’s durability, oak plywood will stand up to years of use; this makes it a good choice for bookcases. Oak plywood bookcases can withstand the weight of any books you pile in them year after year.

2.  Kitchen Cabinets

Oak plywood kitchen cabinets are very popular. The economical price of oak plywood explains its popular use in making kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets made of oak plywood can resist the everyday nicks and scratches that often occur in the kitchen. The rustic beauty of oak lends an attractive charm to kitchen design.

3.  Bars

Bars are main attractions in many pubs, restaurants and homes, and bars endure much more abuse than kitchen cabinets. This makes oak plywood a logical choice for bar construction. Some of the most beautiful custom bars are constructed of oak plywood. Several heavy coatings of shellac enhance the beauty of the wood grain and provide additional strength and durability. Oak bars are sure to stand up to frequent use.

4.  Windowsills

Most people would not think of oak plywood when looking at a windowsill, but many windowsills are made of oak plywood. Oak windowsills are especially beautiful when stained—instead of painted. Stain allows oak’s warm glow to shine through turning a plain window into a showpiece.

5.  Flooring

Another use for oak plywood is using it as flooring. The design options are endless, and the price of oak plywood makes experimenting with different designs affordable. You can stain it using a checkerboard design. You can use a router to create an inlay design. You can even mix it with other woods by alternating lengths of oak plywood with lengths of a different type of plywood.

6.  Desks

Many desks today are not sturdy due to their particleboard construction. Oak plywood makes a sturdier desk—especially for children. Whether you plan to make a conventional desk, a desk and hutch combination or even a corner desk, oak plywood is a solid option. Your desk will last for many years and continue to look beautiful in the process.

Now that you have had the opportunity to consider the best uses for oak plywood, it is time to get started on that next project. Oak plywood will not break your budget. It is very forgiving of rough handling, so novices need not worry about damaging it while overcoming that learning curve. The experienced professionals can jump right in and get to work.