6 Best Uses for Pebble Tiles

Pebble tiles look amazing and work very well in different rooms. Pebble tiles can be used in a number of different ways depending on the finished look that you're trying to achieve.

Pebble tiles work well in modern or more traditional rooms. The beauty of using pebble tiles is that they are all natural and unique. Nobody else will have the same tiles in their home as you, because no two can be identical.

1. Kitchen Splash Back

Pebble tiles are fairly small and this makes them ideal for use as a kitchen splash back. These are very easy to use and are designed by leaving space for the pebble tiles around the sink. Instead of the water splashing on wallpaper or onto the wall, the pebble tiles will collect the water and stop it from causing any harm.

Pebble tiles are very strong and durable. This means that they won't suffer because of the water. They're also great to clean, which makes it easy to wipe away grease, dirt and grime.

These kitchen splash backs can be made in a variety of different designs. Smaller pebbles can be used to create mosaic designs which are very attractive. Grout needs to be used in between each of the pebble tiles to secure them in place and provide extra protection.

2. Mosaics

Mosaic designs can be made by using very small pebbles. This is a fairly difficult method of using pebble tiles, but it does work very well. If you have an artistic flair, you'll be able to find that you can easily create your own mosaic design and make it a reality using small pebbles.

Pebble mosaics can be large or small and are ideal for floors and walls. You'll be able to find plenty of mosaic designs in pebble tile books or on the Internet.

3. Flooring

Pebble tiles can make a great floor covering because they are very durable. However, they're cold to walk on and aren't the comfiest of flooring options, either. These are best suited to use in outdoor areas such as patios and pathways. They are not really suited for indoor use. Flooring designs can also be made using mosaic designs.

4. Wall Tiles

If you have enough pebbles, you will be able to use them to cover an entire wall. They can be mixed with ceramic tiles to add interest and more features to a wall. Mosaic pebble tiles are also ideal for use on floors.

5. Borders

Pebble tiles can be used as a great way to add features to any wall in the borders. Borders can be made out of pebble tiles and used around the edge of a wall or a floor.

6. Shower Room

Pebble tiles are ideal for use in shower rooms and cabinets. These are waterproof and very popular designs for the walls of shower cubicles. A mosaic design can make them look like a classic Roman design.