6 Best Uses for Post and Rail Fencing

Post and rail fencing is one of the most popular forms of fencing found in rural areas of the country. It is very easy to install and use a lot less wood beams than other types of fencing. These rugged looking fences have been used for many years by farmers, ranchers, and rural homes for keeping in livestock and outlining their property. Today, post and rail fencing is growing in popularity again. Here is a list of some of the best uses for post and rail fencing. 

Outlining Boundaries of Landscape

A post and rail fence is not going to be very good for keeping in small animals or children. They are not especially good for keeping predators out of your yard either. However, this type of fencing is a relatively inexpensive way to outline the boundary of your yard. By installing this type of fence you can still view the surrounding landscape, but also have a distinct line as to where your lands starts and ends. 

Keeping Large Livestock Contained

Larger livestock like cattle and horses will do well within post and rail fencing. You may need to use some electrical fencing along the posts, but that will depend on the size of the area that you are keeping the livestock. In an area where there are few predators, post and rail fencing is an inexpensive option.

Decoration for a Rustic Landscape

One of the main reasons that homeowners choose post and rail fencing is for the decorative aspects of it. There are different ways that a post and rail fence can fit into a landscape. You can use one section as a backdrop to a water feature or small flower garden. You can also use several sections along the edge of your lawn and the sidewalk. Other people like to line their driveway with the post and rail fence, while others use this type of fencing to outline a play area. The overall look of the post and rail fencing is rustic in itself which can give the entire landscape this same feel.

Use for Securing Flowers

Flowers that grow large and need support for them to stand tall can benefit from a post and rail fence. Plant the flowers underneath the fence and then secure to the posts and the rails with landscape fabric. The plants will not only grow straight, but also decorate the fencing. 

Define Parking Spaces

For homes that have a separate area where the cars are to be parked away from the garage area, or front door, post and rail fencing is great for defining this space. Placing some crushed rock on the ground and then containing it on three sides will give not only a pleasing parking area, but one that is well defined.

For Water Nature Walks

For people who have a lot of wooded area on their property, they can use post and rail fencing to contain a pleasant nature walk. A path that is cut into the wooded areas can have this type of fencing on one side, or both, to act as a guide and as a way to define the path. This is also great for paths that lead to a private beach or water access.