6 Best Uses for River Rock

River rock is a stone landscaping material that comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Some of the popular colors include red, brown, white, yellow, green, black or a combination of these. It can be used for many different projects. Below are just a few of the things you can do with river rock.

River Rock Walls

Walls are just one of the things that you can make using river rock. They can be as simple or as complicated as you desire. One way to make a wall out of river rock is to stack the stones to the height desired and “glue” them together with mortar. Another way to make a wall out of river rock is to use the rock to panel over a wall that is already built. The rock becomes a decorative facade. You can use mortar to hold the panels onto the wall and arrange them in whatever pattern you desire.

River Rock Fireplaces

Another interesting and practical use for river rock is to use it to make a stone fireplace. You can put the fireplace in your yard and use it to either warm up the area for outside activities or perhaps roast marshmallows. Whatever you decide, it will make a beautiful addition to your yard. All you need are the proper instructions to build one, or you can have the job done by a construction company.

River Rock Sidewalks

River rock can be used to pave your sidewalk. You can place the rocks in the pattern you desire and make a path from your driveway to your doorstep in whatever color meets your fancy. The rocks just have to be placed along the area and mortared down to make them secure.

River Rock Tiles

Would you like a unique and interesting material to tile your walls or floor? River rock also makes a good substance to do these projects. You just figure out the patterns and areas you desire to put them, and as in the above cases, “glue” it into the area using the proper type of mortar. The designs and patterns are only limited by your imagination.

River Rock for Garden Décor

Some people also use individual pieces of river rock to make signs or even a gravestone for a beloved pet. You can engrave them with the words you want. If you just want to have a lively conversation piece, you can merely use the river rock to create statues, or other structures to decorate your yard or garden.


Another possible idea is to use river rock to make decorative columns for your porch or other structure. Just stack the rock carefully as high as you need it to be and securely mortar the pieces together. Once you have built your columns, you can put on a roof if desired, or just make a tall column and use the top as a place for a  plant or other decoration.

    All in all there are many uses for river rock to choose from.