6 Best Uses for Solar Tube Lights 6 Best Uses for Solar Tube Lights

When you are looking for a way to brighten up your home with light, look natural with solar tube lights. Solar tube lights take the natural light from the sun outside and bring it indoors to use instead of electric lighting. You can save 70 to 90% on daytime lighting using a solar tube light. The cost of the installation will pay for itself in just a short time with the savings on heating and lighting.Solar tubes are better than skylights because of the use of mirrors and refraction. They take a little bit of sunlight, even on a cloudy day and turn it into a bright light

1. Lighting a Dark Environment

If you live in the part of the country that has more dark hours than day hours, it is a good way to brighten up your home by using a solar tube light. What solar light is directly overhead can be mirrored down into the living areas of your home giving it a more sunny atmosphere. Solar light has been proven to improve the mood of people who are depressed.

2. Lighting Up Your Kitchen

One of the places everyone always gathers is in the kitchen. How much energy you could save by having a solar tube in the kitchen. No more burning lights in the daytime. And a moonlight night would have a nice effect also

3. Putting a New Face in Your Bathroom

Any where you are getting dressed and putting on your makeup you should have one of these solar tubes. The natural outdoor lighting would give you the best effect for putting on your best face. Natural lighting gives the most flattering finish. If you have a large closet you can turn it into a dressing room by adding the solar tube and a few shelves for your makeup.

4. Make a Solarium

Especially in colder climates, you miss having the greenery and sunlight around you. You can add a few solar tubes in a room and turn it into a solarium. Have a nice sitting area with plenty of plants that will thrive on the ever present sunlight in the room that doesn't overheat the plants.

5. Installing in the Office

In an industrial setting you would really save on electricity by using solar tubes in the building. All the lighting that you normally would use would be cut way down. Also the natural sunlight coming into the room would boost the moral of the workers as well.  Using these in the warehouse will cut way down on expensive overhead from fluorescent lighting that is used there. As well as give a brightly lite area to work in that you are able to see all the area around you.

6. Using in Nursing and Retirement Homes

Not only would there be a savings, but such a healthy thing for shut ins. For an elderly or ill patient who is unable to get outside much, a solar tube in their room would be the perfect way to get some sunshine. Because you can get a lens to cover and filter the light this would be a perfect place to really bring some sunshine into peoples lives.



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