6 Best Uses for Textured Paint in Your Home

The use of textured paint is rapidly gaining in popularity among homeowners who are looking for an entirely new look to their room without spending a lot on renovations. There are many different textured painting techniques that will help achieve a new look with a relatively small cash investment. If you are thinking about using some sort of textured paint in your home, here are a few uses for it to achieve a unique look at a small price.

Hide Imperfect Walls

One of the best tools available to a DIY enthusiast is paint and putty. Since textured paints have become popular among many homeowners today, they can serve the meaningful job of hiding imperfect walls and mistakes. You can use the textured paints to hide uneven mortar walls, old paneling, damaged drywall, or even that ugly outdated wallpaper. By doing this you will not only save a lot of money in remodeling, but also a lot of time in the process.

Provide Depth to Crowded Rooms

Some rooms just have a lot of different pieces of furniture and accessories in it. The textured paints that have small creases, bumps and other textures will help to offset all this crowding and give the room a little bit of depth to it.

Accent Borders

One of the great ways that you can use textured paint in your home is as a border around the room. Without having to paint the entire room with the textured paint, a nice border along the top of the room will give a feeling of more height in the room. You can also use this as a border along the trim near the floor for an illusion of size in the room. Another border use is around doors, windows, room entries, and even around some cabinets. Anywhere that you can paint around to give it a sense of being surrounded by a border is a place where textured paints will shine.

For Elegant Wall Coverings

There are some rooms that are just begging to some textured paints. Formal dining areas, dens and family rooms are places where you can easily add some textured paint for an elegant look and feel. Adorn your room with leather without actually having to buy leather. Drape your bathroom wall in marble without actually paying for the marble. Textured paints are a great way to have luxury without the cost associated with it.

Have you Tried the Shower?

Many of today's homes have a separate area for the shower and bath. Paint the inside of your shower area with a textured paint that mimics marble, slate or rocks for a great outdoor feel. There are some waterproof textured paints on the market that work great for a customized shower area.

In Alcoves

Another use for textured paints is to be used as a way to highlight little alcoves in your home. These little spaces that are built into the wall usually contain collectible items, expensive ceramics, pictures, mirrors and other treasures that the homeowner wants to show off. Textured paint that is used on the inside of the little alcove, or as a border will help to make sure that this is one of the best places in the house.